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Complete Guide to Become A chartered Accountant..Dont miss it out

Have you ever dreamed the day you becoming a Chartered Accountant and settling in your life? In this connection I would like to add one point of Abdul kalam. He mentioned in wings of fire that dream, dream, dream, the dream comes in to the thought and the thought comes in to action and action comes in to the reality.

Everybody will like to have a dream in the night and that is the reason why everybody wishing you to have sweet dream in the night. But you need to dream at the time you are awake and not at the time of sleep. At the time of sleep what the control do you have on the dream?

It is very easy to dream to become CA But it is very difficult to implement it in to action. Have you ever thought why there is a lower passing ratio and why do you fails and where do you commit the mistake?

The dream of you will turn in to thought. This is called stimuli in biological terms. (Stimuli and response theory). In the thought stage you may be thinking about the forthcoming series of action. Registration for CPT, Seeking coaching centre for CPT studies etc. The thought then turns in to action. Up to thought stage every student will act almost similar but from the stage of action the difference will show by the student. This action stage determines whether will you qualify or fail and qualify or quit the CA course.

To become CA you must have a burning desire and self confidence with you and a sacrificing state of mind. These three things are very essential to become a qualified professional.

Mental preparation

Do remember that the course is challenging in the nature and professional course too. So frame a strong state of mind and mentally prepare. Mentally imagine the series of action plan. Mind shall be cautious. If you believe your self and do the things in right way then no one will prevent you to get through the course even ICAI. You can challenge even ICAI. Cautious theory will help you. What is cautious means the course is challenging and need to devote more attention towards the syllabus is main factor.

Right plan and Right action

Investment in the resource of time is a main factor here. You need to have an expert knowledge here and the level may be differ from your graduation level or plus two level. Will take some time to the flow of CA course. There are challenges which you need to face in both group accounts and cost and FM papers and other theory papers.

Decision to write both or Individual group

Decision to write both group and Individual group is the major decision. This decision will be get influenced by the availability of the time. There must be buffer of time with you for good revision. This decision will have a long term implication so be careful in decision making process. Once you taken the decision (Whether it is right or wrong) seems to be irreversible.

Decision to take coaching

Coaching in some instance will kill your own ability. No doubt if you have not taken this aspect then you may be a permanent failure. First instance it will kill your ability to learn and will create a dependency on the coaching institution. But you can take coaching for strengthening and sharing your skills .Coaching is just a coin and has two sides. Take the right side.

Reference Book

Today in the market wide range of reference books will be available. No doubt ICAI material is good one but it is not structured, will take more time to complete. It is highly recommend you to keep one reference book along with ICAI module. A good reference book will replace a good teacher. But selection of good reference book is important.

Systematic studies

Most important medium to fetch the information in to human brain is written mode. If you read, you can cover the syllabus speedily but you will forget what you learned here. First read and understand, make notes on what you had learned in a note book and try to re produce it. It is highly recommended to you to do a periodical revision also. If you do the above manner you can clear the exam without much difficult.

Mental preparation before exam

You must keep at least two month before for your revision. In this stage you need to understand the important area. All the chapters were not so relevant for exam. Buy scanners and past suggested answer. Your success and failure will lies in this revision stage. Do maximum hard work during this stage.

During the time of exam

Be prepared for surprise and tact question. You should have a good time management strategy. Read carefully the question start with most confident question leave the toughest question to handle for last hours of exam. It will build your confidence gradually. You must have a better presentation too. It is highly recommend writing point wise rather than an essay type answer. If you see the answer in suggested answer it is also essay type of answer but examiner will be happy if you present the answer in point wise so that he need to wander for the answer.

Wish you all the best

Please give your feed back

Memory improvement tips ...Dont miss it

Memory can be improved through constant practice. We will focus on such practice here. Registering information in to your brain effectively is an important.

1. Concentration (Full focus of brain)

This is a very critical factor for every student. Try to give maximum concentration at the time of studies.

If you have good concentration level, you can grasp the content easily. If you have power concentration level then what you had learned will be lost.

Did you know interest and concentration is mutually related? If you have interest in particular area then you will concentrate more and vice versa. Interest in turn depends on your goal. If you firmly decided to become CA and the difficulty level of CA course then you will be interested.

Do yoga it will improve your concentration level. Remember words of sree sankara (Uthisttatho Jagratha) be cautious and always cautious.

Burning Desire>>Interest>>concentration

2. Understanding the underlying concept

Every subject is based on certain concept; you may not understand the concept in the first reading perhaps.

But if you look closer then you will understand the fact and figures of the concepts.

If you are new to the course, it may be finding difficult to understand the concept of subject. But only solution is to devote more time, repeat until you get the concept.

View a particular concept with the help of example. Examples are the easiest way for feeding the concepts in to your brain. But in all the cases there need not have examples.

3. Notes

Keep each note book for each subject. Note down the concepts and important point which leads to the main point also need to be documented in the note book. (Inter linked with point no 2 above).

Try to write the concept in your language rather than copy and paste. But for writing the point in your way you must perfectly know the concepts.

4. Revision (First revision after 7day and second revision within 30 day)

Give more important to revision aspect. Once you had learned a particular topic, within that week go for a quick revision with the help of above notes.

Notes are good tool for quick revision provided if you had carefully prepared.

The second revision need to be done in the same month.

5.Mnemonic code ( Assigning codes)

If you need to remember many points at a time, then codification is an effective tool.

For example the code G C A in AS 1 Disclosure of Accounting policy (Great Chartered Accountant).

G: - Going Concern

C: - Consistency

A: - Accrual

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Three motivational Factors for success...

This article has three theory namely Theory of sacrifice, Theory of Fear and Theory of Pain. Read the aspect carefully. I hope it may be help you a lot. Please give your suggestions.

The level of comfort with you now will prevent you to success ..Theory of sacrifice

All the CA students who want to be qualified as a CA and fails in the exam repeatedly! Why all of us are not successful in our carrier? Some were fails even in the Pac level while some others in final level?

I believe the reason for this is because they really do not want success. Why? Because to be successful, we have to abandon the level of comfort we are presently living in.

What people who talk about being successful are really saying is that they want to be successful without doing anything about it.

We must be willing to endure a certain level of pain before achieving the desired goal. Success without commitment is impossible.

If someone is enjoying more success than you are, it’s because they’ve learned how to have the power of motivation work for them.

Key wards of success

“The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak

results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.”

— Napoleon Hill

Fear is the key factor against success!

So it is essential we begin controlling the fears that cause us to question our potential.

To begin with, we must understand that our strongest desires overpower the weaker desires. Your desire to become CA must be stronger than just wish. According to some well Sayers, strong mind have purpose and others just have wish! So just imagine , to become CA is your purpose or just desire? Ask the question to your selves , you will surely get the answer.

There are certain reason which may delimit your success. Which is enumerated as follows

1.Your comfort zone

You may be not willing to forgive your level of comfort, which you need to sacrifice for your CA course.

2. Lack of confidence stemming from past failure (Failure or fear to failure)

3. Procrastination (leaving the activity for tomorrow)

Fear Theory for Success

Power of Fears

Understanding the power of fear is the first step to understanding motivation. The power of fear does two things for you:

1. Prevents you from taking action

As long as we are not certain of our potential, we hesitate to take action. If you don’t have self confident, you may leave the CA course. There are certain students who are leaving the CA course and joining the job after writing few attempt and fails.

2. Motivates you to take action

On the other hand, if you are self confident and fears the failure, you may be finding the way for getting through. You may be find more time to study, you may be find the ways for improving the ability say by attending the good coaching classes or group studies.

Fear may help you to bring the weakness with you and corrective action against the failure. If you think that you are perfect and you can success the course, may be finding difficult in clearing your CA course.

Fear is so powerful because it is urgent and pressing. The truth is that desire inspires you, while fear compels you. You either use the power of fear or the power of ear uses you.

“Success doesn’t come to go to it.”

— Marva Collins

Balancing Fear and Desire

For achieving the success you need to bear the discomfort which you not like. To be successful you must utilize the power of desire to become CA and to use the fear that sustains the motivation. But you must have the self confidence about your skills and potential.

Theory of pain

“In every pain there is tremendous opportunity for overwhelming gain! Use it to your advantage!”

— Brian G. Jett

The pinnacle of motivation is when the pain of failure becomes unbearable. The evidence of unbearable pain is that you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

It’s important for you to understand that the pain of loss is the quickest way to motivate you. When you have something to lose if you don’t succeed then you’ll be compelled to follow through.

This is an external push for success.

What is the difference between successful person and others?

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of

Knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

— Vincent T. Lombardi, (legendary coach and football guru).

For successful CA students and failed students were equal with respect to the strength and weakness or knowledge, but the degree of willingness may differentiate between successful and failure.

ALL The best

Dear Friends,

To become member of the ICAI is our ultimate aim. All of us have the potential to become CA, but all of us not becoming CA are the most pathetic scenario. Some may left without writing exam while some others were after clearing any one of the group some others were at the stage of final.


Mind is the driver for the body. Borne in mind that you are entered in to a professional course. Take very serious about the course. unless you take the course as serious, you cannot put the good effort towards the study.

Some have this level of seriousness only at the beginning of the course and lost control over the middle of the course and becoming serious during the last moment of the exam and fails, after that learning the lesson after completion of exam. Ultimately the results comes fails and losing self confidence. Please check if you are this kind of behavior.


Planning is the pre determinant Course of Acton. Planning need to be done by taking in to account your time of exam whether it is for your May -11 exam or Nov 11 exam.

Writing both group and single group, routine study time, Best reference books, coaching, etc will cover your planning area. All the above factors were subjective and applicable on case to case basis, depends upon the strength and weakness of the students.

Those who taking wise decision in the above aspect can clear their exam without wasting the further time. But a wrong decision in the above area results in the failure.

Please do take care of your inherent strength and weakness in the planning stage. A weaker students must need to work more than a brilliant students.


Giving your soul and body for CA course. The students have desire to become CA but at the same time they were not willing to forgo their comfort zone. No Pain and no gain theory.

In the Olympic games the difference between winners and looser have the difference of few seconds. Some were practicing for 16 hours, sleeping just for 4 hours and finding the time for personal needs for just 4 hours.

But you need not work for 16 hours for qualifying CA. just 8 hours routine study is more than enough.7 hours sleep and remaining time with your boss for doing the articlship.

Even if you working 9 hours with your CA boss also not taking the much difficult for you for cracking the course.


Smart work along with the hard work will make the difference . Understand what you read, make it point wise in a note books , Revise periodically etc will cover in this area.

It is recommended to write chapter wise exam and self evaluation own your self.


Students attending the coaching class and limited only to coaching class materials. In CA exam, the question may be surprise and challenging. For facing such a situation, you must need to study in a challenging manner.

Don’t over depends on coaching, all the students all the papers coaching are not really warranted. If you feel a particular paper is much difficult, first find more time for that subject from your side. If you cannot handle own your own go for coaching.


If you analyse the past 5 to 6 attempts questions, you can get a series of repeated questions , exam trend pattern. This is required for cracking the course.

Wishing you all the best


Is CA I P C C Result will be Favourable

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