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Eligibility for Industrial training

1.An articled clerk who has passed the Professional Education (Examination - II) or the Intermediate examination under these regulations may, at his discretion, serve as an industrial trainee for the period specified in sub-regulation (2) in any of the financial, commercial, industrial undertakings with minimum fixed assets of Rs. 1 crore; or minimum total turnover of Rs. 10 crores; or minimum paid-up share chapital Rs. 50 lakhs; or such other Institute or organisation as may be approved by the Council from time to time:

Provided that the articled clerk has intimated to his Principal his intention to take such industrial training at least three months before the date on which such training is to commence.";

2.The period of industrial training may range between nine months and twelve months during the last year of the prescribed period of practical training.

3.The industrial training shall be received under a member of the Institute. An Associate who has been a member for continuous period of at least three years shall be entitled to train one industrial trainee at a time and a fellow shall be entitled to train two industrial trainees at a time, whether such trainees be articled clerks or audit clerks.

4.An agreement of training shall be entered into in the form approved by the Council.

5.On satisfactory completion of the Industrial training, the member training the industrial trainee, shall forthwith issue to the trainee a certificate in the form** approved by the Council in respect of the training undergone under him and forward a copy thereof to the Secretary.

6.The period of industrial training referred to under this regulation, should be treated as service under articles for all purposes of these regulations, provided the certificate referred to in sub-regulation (5) is provided.

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Coaching become a good business ...dont miss it

Dear students,

The Fee structure of coaching classe in such a way that the poor student cannot be able to afford. What does it indicate?

As per the economic theory, for raising price, demand is more and supply is less. There are less number of good faculties for CA and there are large number of the students who require the coaching for the subject.

When i was undertaken the coaching classes in Prime Academy in the year of 2004 -05 batch in chennai, the Fee structure was Rs 2000/- for accounts , MAFA Rs 2000/-

Can you imagine you can get any coaching now a days with these rate. Prime accademy Accounts and MAFA rate is now around 6000 to 7000.

But if you see the fee charged by the leading coachers in Delhi, you will be got surpirsed. You have to pay Rs 18000/- for a particular subject alone.

Please see the below the price list of leading faculties in Delhi...students were rushing for online register for IDT class of VG and that too online registration is not functioning..

Who is responsible for this scenario?

Group A


1. Parveen Sharma :

Academy: Smart Teach CA, Conventional Center, IMA House, I.P.Marg. DELHI


Fees: 15000/


2. Parveen Jindal (For Detail Study Of AS/IFRS/US GAAP) :

Academy: Parveen Jindal Classes, D-1, Sai Baba Mandir Gali, Laxmi Nagar

Contact: 9871272725,9312281275&011-65068692

Fees: 15000/



1. Aaditya Jain(Specially For New Course SFM,Notes Fully Updated As Per New Course);

Academy: Bright Professional Pvt Ltd, 1/53 Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 92

Contact: 011-47665555; 9811136987, 9811042458,9911442626



2. Rajesh Makkar (Specially For Old Course MAFA,Best Notes For Old Course Students,Basically Question Approach)

Academy: F-6, 3rd Floor, Above CA Library, Vijay Chowk, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 92

Contact: 9818227937, 9811104384

Fees: 14000/-


3. Ashish Kalra(Specially For Old Course MAFA,Notes Partially Updated As Per New Syllabus,Basically Question


Academy: Institute for Grooming Professionals, 160, 2nd Floor, Kapil Vihar, Pitampura

Contact: 27352757,41572757,22432757

Fees: Rs. 14000/-



1. Munish Bhandari (Teaches Directors Chapter best)

Academy: Bright Professional Pvt Ltd, 1/53 Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 92

Contact: 011-47665555; 9811136987, 9811042458

Fees: 8000/-


2. Deepak Gajrani

Academy:U-110,2nd Flr,Vikas Marg,Sakarpur,Near Laxmi nagar Metro Station



Website: -

3.NK Singh

ca_helpline @

Mail Us At : ca_helpline @ For Any Advice Regarding Coaching/Tuitions

Academy:Smart Teach CA, Conventional Center, IMA House, I.P.Marg. DELHI

Contact :9818248595



1. Surbhi Bansal

Academy: Bright Professional Pvt Ltd, 1/53 Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 92

Contact: 011-47665555; 9811136987, 9811042458

Fees: Rs. 7000/-


2. Dharmendra Madaan

Academy: SGN Institute, D-60, III Flr, above Hotspot, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092

Contact: 9999188063, 9654436736, 9873436736



3.RK Rastogi

Academy : Rastogi Education Centre

Contact : 9818766887,9212868425,9212868426

Fees : 5000


Group B


1. Parag Gupta (New Course)

Academy: Costing By Parag Gupta, A-156, Gali No. 4, Shakarpur, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-92

Contact: 9968875529, 9811136987, 9811042458

Fees: 10,900/-


2. Sanjay Agarwal(Old Course)

Academy: Sanjay Agarwal Classes, D-223, Laxmi Chamber, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi - 92

Contact: 011-43053800, 9818555803

Fees: Rs. 15000/-



1.Dinesh Madan

Academy: Smart Teach CA, Conventional Center, IMA House, I.P.Marg. DELHI

Contact: 9899706800,9899706801,9310273102

Fees: 6000/-


2.Veekas Kapur

Academy: 1/56 A, Lalita Park , Laxmi Nagar , Delhi:-110092



3.SK Moonga

Academy: Bright 1/56 A, Lalita Park , Laxmi Nagar , Delhi:-110092



4.RN Jha

Academy: AVJ institute,Laxmi Nagar



ca_helpline @

Mail Us At : ca_helpline @ For Any Advice Regarding Coaching/Tuitions



1. Deepak Gupta [For Detailed Knowledge & Detailed Notes]

Academy: Deepak Gupta Academy; 1/56 A, Lalita Park , Laxmi Nagar , Delhi:-110092

Contact: 9958677077

Fees: 18000/-


2. Krishna Shankar Prasad

Academy: 1/11, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092

Contact: 9868308387 , 9811880881

Fees: 7500/-


3. Manoj Batra

Academy: Bright Professional Pvt Ltd, 1/53 Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 92

Contact: 011-47665555; 9811136987, 9811042458

Fees: Rs. 2000/-


4. Rajkumar

Academy: Smart Teach CA, Conventional Center, IMA House, I.P.Marg. DELHI


Fees: 8000/-



1.Vinod Gupta (For Detailed Knowledge );

Academy: 211-212, Anarkali Complex, Jhandewalan Extn., Near Videocon Tower, Delhi-55

Contact: 9810053982

Fees: 15000/-


2.Satish Mangal (Examination Approach)

Academy: D-223, Laxmi Chamber, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi - 92

Contact: 9350647377, 9350647378, 9810748920



Some tips for you for clearing

Method of studies

To become a successful in any domain motivation plays a great role...........CA too requires the great motivation. If you have failed then please change your mind set, you have gone some wrong , correct the same from the grass root level....... study systematically, keep making notes for theory papers.....If you read a single paragraph all the point in that paragraph is not relevant , do edit on the paragraph and write down in your note for future should try to break down the edited notes as many points as possible.Be master in your note .... Before going any paragraph, please understood the content of the paragraph thoroughly .....Learning process happens as follows.... Please read well a particular para, try to understand the matter.... cut the waste portion ........

For Problem Papers

Following good books is an important , you can select the book .......for some subject ICAI material is not so good say Tax........

Aiming your future exam, study each minor area with great care... try to give maximum attension on any tiny area also.......Try to study five sense approach..... first you read a theory papers , then you writ e the notes after editing irrelevant points,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then try to re produce the content without refering the books... if you strucked inahny of the point then retry....

For problem you have to do the problem by uner standing the concept.... for thateigther you should work your own or undergo a good coaching centre............

Correction on weaker area

Focus more on the area you feel too weak........................

Study hardly every day and each moment....


Revise frequently .... otherwise what you studied will not be able to recap on the later stages.

Understand important area and do give better area on the relevant area..................

Repeated question in Past exam

More than 40% of the questions in the exams are repetative in take scanners and suggested answers..........................

Critical 3 month before exam,,

The last 2 to 3 month before exam will definitly determine your suceess.................Go 15 hours or beyond that................Stick on the scanners and suggested answers ..........Frequent revisions on the subject........................Stick on the note...........Give more perfections on your subject..............

Last 15 to 20 days before exams

You should be able to find 15 days or 20 days for the last round of Studies that alone will help you to clear out...............

Good presntaion

Good presentaion is the last weapon for success of the you studied is not help you presenting whatever you have studeid is .............

In that way iam able to achieve my CA........... If you following my path yu are also be a CA.................

Clearing CA course some useful Tips

We can focus on how to win your CA course.

The first basic factors towards this direction is a positive attitude.

Basically for qualifying CA course, you need not to be a super genius. Don’t feel that CA course meant for intelligent students.

What is a peculiarity of this course is even super genius also fails in this course. The main factor is your mind set up and outlook.

The Way in which mind look the matter is attitude. The CA course is really challenging hence the role of positive attitude cannot be over emphasized.

For cope with the challenge of the course, your mind shall be tuned towards challenges. This means raise according to the challenges at the disposal.

Inject some degree of cautiousness to the brain regarding the challenges of the course. The word here referred to as challenging and not tough.

At the time of joining the CA course, you may be known that the course is challenging and the passing out number is comparatively lower due to the passing standards.

I think surely you know this basic fact at the time of joining the course. Set the mind towards the challenging angle of the course. Be cautious, set a good goal. Students normally realize this fact after completing the first CA exam.

Try to bring the maximum out of you. You must think that CA course is not too big to hit but too big to miss .Please go through the below story.


There was a giant who was bullying and harassing the children in the village. One day, a 17-year-old shepherd boy came to visit his brothers and asked, "Why don't you stand up and fight the giant?" The brothers were terrified and they replied, "Don't you see he is too big to hit?" But David said, "No, he is

Not too big to hit, he is too big to miss." The rest is history. We all know what happened.

David killed the giant with a sling. Same giant, different perception.

Your approach to the course is too critical to crack this course. If you feel that the CA course is tough then the course remains tough and remain difficult to clear even if your hard work and repeated attempt.

Think that the course is very challenging and too big to miss you out. This is the positive attitude. Tune the mind towards the challenging angle so that you can get the means to face the challenges. You may be pay more attention and care towards the studies which otherwise cannot be achieved.

Your desire to become CA must be burning desire. The desire shall start burning at the time of joining the course and it continue to be burn until clearing the CA course.

If you had changed your mind as suggested above, then , you won half battle.

We have all procrastinated at some time in our lives. This is the major evils as far as a CA students is concerned. What you want to do, do it now. Procrastination is a result of negative attitude and ultimately failure.

Just an example, At the time of registering the CA course, you might be thought that I have one year period of time , so can study it later. Ultimately the days will go fast and faster and the exam will due .

A completed task is fulfilling and energizing; an incomplete task drains energy like a leak from a tank.

Keep away the negative people and influence

Today’s students facing the peer pressure from the seniors and media. CA course is difficult and tough to crack.Pressure during the articleship period etc.

There is a standard deduction of mark for CA course and result manipulation. If you are writing the exam first time, if you just see the hot discussion in our site, you can see many baseless discussion.

You may be have the potential, But if you see the negative discussion about the course, you may be delimited to your ability.

So keep away from negative people and thought.Just like body require good food to remain healthy,similarly mind requires positive and good thought to remain strong in the worst situation.

Just see the following example .It is common now a days as far as the CA students is concerned

An eagle's egg was placed in the nest of a prairie chicken. The egg hatched and the little eagle grew up thinking it was a prairie chicken. The eagle did what the prairie chickens did. It scratched in the dirt for seeds. It clucked and cackled. It never flew more than a few feet because that is what the prairie chickens did. One day he saw an eagle flying gracefully and majestically in the open sky. He asked the prairie chickens: "What is that beautiful bird?" The chickens replied, "That is an eagle. He is an outstanding bird, but you cannot fly like him because you are just a prairie chicken." So the eagle never gave it a second thought, believing that to be the truth. He lived the life of and died a prairie chicken, depriving himself of his heritage because of his lack of vision. What a waste! He was born to win, but was conditioned to lose. The same thing is true of most people.

In short, If you want to soar like an eagle, you have to learn the ways of an eagle. If you associate with achievers, you will become one. If you associate with thinkers, you will become one. If you associate with givers, you will become one. If you associate with complainers, you will become one.


¨ Ego

¨ Fear of failure success ; lack of self esteem

¨ No plan

¨ Lack of formalized goals

¨ Life changes

¨ Procrastination

¨ Family responsibility

¨ Financial security issues

¨ Lack of focus, being muddled

¨ Giving up vision for promise of money

¨ Doing too much alone

¨ Over-commitment

¨ Lack of commitment

¨ Lack of training

¨ Lack of persistence

¨ Lack of priorities

Find the above factor carefully…

Failure and fear to failure

This is the major issues faced by the CA students. Those who had failed may be not taken properly in to the accounts the challenges of the CA course. Just a Preparing for the exam .But during the time of preparation if you had taken in to the account the challenges of the exam you can avoid the failure I think.

Below are more examples of the failures of successful people:

1. Thomas Edison failed approximately 10,000 times while he was working on the light


2. Henry Ford was broke at the age of 40.

3. Lee Iacocca was fired by Henry Ford II at the age of 54.

4. Young Beethoven was told that he had no talent for music, but he gave some of the

best music to the world.

Setbacks are inevitable in life.

A setback can act as a driving force and also teach us humility. In grief you will find courage and faith to overcome the setback. We need to learn to become victors, not victims. Fear and doubt short-circuit the mind.

Ask yourself after every setback: What did I learn from this experience? Only then will

you be able to turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone.

Set back is inevitable. Learn from the mistake and correct the mistake.Ultimate result is you will winning the exam and CA course.

Wish you All the best


castudenthelpdesk @

Cracking the exam during 45 days

Dear students,

I cannot forget these number of 45 days and goes to the memory of my last PE 2 exam.

I had failed consequtively three time in PE 2 exam. The third time i had did a good hard work and prayed very well to the god. But the first day of costing and FM exam, i comes to know my fate. The exam was november 2003 novembe exam.

The result of the exam

The results declared and failed secured only 127 mark .

Side effect of failure

I lost the confidence with me, become upset, murmuring myself, angry, sorrow, frustration etc emerge. If i think about my working level and the result pattern, it will never be match

Finally decided to give up the Course at this point of time....

Days were passed faster and faster.....I start studies on April 15th and there is 15 days left for the exam..

That point of time election were declared and the exam was post poned for may 22.

Postive thinking and hardwork and Recovery from the failure

Suddenly my mind start thinking that i can clear even if these shorter period of time and also determined that this is my last PE 2 exam whether i cleared or failed.

I thought my achievement in schooling and degree stages and my mind is teach me that the same power and ability is with me which is enough for clearing the CA exam with these shorter span of time...

i alreoady written three attempt and committed some mistake with respected to the study method,identified the same, thinked positive and done my level best and during the exam also attacking the exam was my strategy. The first day of cost and FM exam is over and i had confidence that did well for the exam than previous attempt....

The confidence remain with me untill the completion of the last question of my last exam..after the exam, i think that did the exam well and the result was also positive cleared...

Dear students

you can also clear even if you had not done well now with your positive mind frame and correction of your mistake...

Failure my delimit your confidence, regain the confidence first...Nothing can be impossible but the way of thinking and overcoming the deficiency is most important...

skill of a human being is just polishing of diamond....

NNever think that CA course is not achievable,but we have to raise according to the situation and finally we can achieve it...

In sum, achievement and failure will depends upon our attitude. If i had thought that i did my level best and i failed, then, i will be fail through out the course..

I did my level best, but identified the wrong with me, overcome the weakness and succeded...

All the best

Achieve the best

Vivek M

Is CA I P C C Result will be Favourable

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