Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cracking the exam during 45 days

Dear students,

I cannot forget these number of 45 days and goes to the memory of my last PE 2 exam.

I had failed consequtively three time in PE 2 exam. The third time i had did a good hard work and prayed very well to the god. But the first day of costing and FM exam, i comes to know my fate. The exam was november 2003 novembe exam.

The result of the exam

The results declared and failed secured only 127 mark .

Side effect of failure

I lost the confidence with me, become upset, murmuring myself, angry, sorrow, frustration etc emerge. If i think about my working level and the result pattern, it will never be match

Finally decided to give up the Course at this point of time....

Days were passed faster and faster.....I start studies on April 15th and there is 15 days left for the exam..

That point of time election were declared and the exam was post poned for may 22.

Postive thinking and hardwork and Recovery from the failure

Suddenly my mind start thinking that i can clear even if these shorter period of time and also determined that this is my last PE 2 exam whether i cleared or failed.

I thought my achievement in schooling and degree stages and my mind is teach me that the same power and ability is with me which is enough for clearing the CA exam with these shorter span of time...

i alreoady written three attempt and committed some mistake with respected to the study method,identified the same, thinked positive and done my level best and during the exam also attacking the exam was my strategy. The first day of cost and FM exam is over and i had confidence that did well for the exam than previous attempt....

The confidence remain with me untill the completion of the last question of my last exam..after the exam, i think that did the exam well and the result was also positive cleared...

Dear students

you can also clear even if you had not done well now with your positive mind frame and correction of your mistake...

Failure my delimit your confidence, regain the confidence first...Nothing can be impossible but the way of thinking and overcoming the deficiency is most important...

skill of a human being is just polishing of diamond....

NNever think that CA course is not achievable,but we have to raise according to the situation and finally we can achieve it...

In sum, achievement and failure will depends upon our attitude. If i had thought that i did my level best and i failed, then, i will be fail through out the course..

I did my level best, but identified the wrong with me, overcome the weakness and succeded...

All the best

Achieve the best

Vivek M

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