Friday, January 22, 2010

How to crack the exam within 3 months

How can clear the CA exam for coming 4 month....
We are going to wait the PCC and final exam Results. This attempt we got bit of time for preparation for 4 months by doing the following. If you not cleared …take one day for disappointing….after that need to come back just like phoenix bird .
1.Allocate the time for studies.
Can you allocate 10 hours /day? These 4 month are very critical for exam. Within these 4month you should cover 2 round of coverage’s whether you writing both or single group. Note productivity and sitting of time have no relationship….
2 Frame a time table
Make a better time table or daily target per subject. Within that you have to try to finish your studies .Don’t hurry to finish the syllabi.
Classify the overall syllabi as
category A) More relevant,
B) less important
C) not relevant.
For taxation (PCC) More relevant for exam as Profit Gains from business and profession, Capital Gains, Assessment procedure, TDS, VAT, Gross total income problems
Less relevant area: - Clubbing provision, Rebates, preliminary
Not relevant; - Income which is not form part of the total Income
3 Identify the most repeated questions for each of these chapters,
give more stress. Identify the trend pattern for the exam by using the suggested answers and scanners.
Flexible plan pattern You should find the sufficiently good time for each subjects, there may be some contingencies may arise, so make a small buffer towards the revision of our plans.
4.Notes plays a vital role for revision
You should have good notes for every subject excepts problem papers. Fine tuning of our brain Fine tuning of the brain is very important.
If you training your brain in a particular way it will acts accordingly. If you follow by heart practise, then brain will follow that pattern.
That is the main reason the failures continues to be failures and successes continued to be successful person. So act in a suitable way.
Better for theory the idea behind the theory. There is an idea or meaning, try to understand it by yourself, explain by yourself, revise and through by yourself. For problems concepts play a good role. Tune the memory accordingly. You cannot be a failure in the exam, if you had gone to the above method. During the day before exam just go through speedily the content. Steps to deal with cleaver and practical questions set up in the exam In now a day’s exam testing the practical knowledge of the student. Very cleaver and practical questions would be set in the exam papers. That increases the heartbeat. How effectively studies, but you can feel a tension. So start with the question which you know very well. Slowly go ahead and reduces your tension. Leave space for difficult questions and after finishing all the easy question only go to the tight questions, if you are not getting answer, don’t waste much time to think further, go to next. That is why everybody understands the method of studies after their first exam. Sound time management &presentation during the Exam You should have a good and better time management and better presentation on exam. so, think that you are going to face cleaver questions, so you never mug up with any questions as you did in previous class. Try to find out the idea of the questions, understand what concepts it asked you, and presentation to the exam. Good input to the brain through writing mode and best storage in the brain by frequent revision and better output by good presentation of logics and idea in the exam. So exam questions are cleaver and practical and may be time consuming to solve , so to handle that your study method shall be very sound and effective, please make the notes, please revise frequently. Your desire should be burn like a fire, that attitude should only help you to go ahead, so , do the level best for the coming june exam. So it is your duty to implement the strategy and go ahead. Wish you .......... A


Is CA I P C C Result will be Favourable

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