Monday, July 5, 2010

How to win a Group Discussion...CA and CS Prakash Somani

1.        Remove the fear that you are not good in English so you can never clear the GD
2.       Ask interviewer about his requirements, you can do it by talking to them for few minutes though it is a tricky job to trace out interviewers needs.
3.       Make an eye contact with everyone and not particularly to a person
4.      Every interviewer has different criteria to select i.e. some may prefer aggressive candidate or someone may not select so better to know from interviewer what exactly he is looking for
5.       Sometime you have a choice to form groups then you can join a group which has similar candidates like you in terms of knowledge etc (Though every time you may not get this chance)
6.      Every interviewer before the GD starts gives you 5 minits time to think over the topic so in this mean time you should write as much points as you can about the topic
7.       remember that who starts first will get additional points
8.      Don’t show over enthusiasm which is unnecessary
9.      Be confident enough while speaking, speak slowly and in case someone wants to overtake you then interrupt him saying that "Let me finish..." be polite in saying so
10.    Before GD starts you can personally discuss with interviewer what could be the possible topics he may ask (you may get a fair idea on what is interviewers expectations are)
11.     If you are not selected in  GD, talk personally to interviewer about why you are not selected
12.    Never abuse other persons during the discussion else it will have bad impression of yours
13.    Never lose your temper, speak slowly and clearly
14.    During discussion you can add some matters which are though not directly related to Topic given but may support you to maintain continuity of discussion (VVI)
15.    Your sitting position does matter for the interviewer so choose the place where interviewer can directly notice you
16.    you can end the discussion with thank you note to everyone and not only interviewer


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