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November exam winning strategy

Dear friends and members
There is four more months for November examination.  Even if you had not done your preparation well also have possibility to clear your forthcoming November exam. You can crack the November exam but need to do exploit the remaining time in the best possible manner. This is a comprehensive outlook for clearing your November exam
1.     Understand the mistake you had committed during the previous exam first and take a firm decision that you will never ever going to commit the same again. Also never give any loop hole for making a new mistake.
2.     Frame a good schedule and time table for your preparation for this period. Try to do the maximum possible effort to adhere with the time table.
3.     Keep away the time consuming entertainment such as watching movies, chatting through the net, even visiting your favorite web site CA Club India. You must be addicted towards the studies.
4.     Priorities the chapter according to the importance for exam. Give maximum Focus for the important chapters and cover the least important chapter also. You can give priority to the chapter with the help of scanners, suggested answers etc.
5.     Make the habit of making notes. Document the key points in the notes. But once you read the key points you must be in a position to understand the whole thing. If not, you had not got the concepts.
6.     Periodic revision. Three round revision is highly recommended. First revision need to be done within 2 days with the help of your key notes and the second round need to be done within the same week and the last round revision is to be done once in a month.
7.     Mnemonic technique
If you want to memorize many points at a time, this will be helpful..

G   Going concern
C    Consistency
A    Accuracy

10. Effectiveness learning during the last round of revision before exam
If you can able to understand at least 60 % of the chapter you had learned     effectively during the last revision point then there are no problems with you for your exam.
11. Time management
Divide the total time by total mark and try to finish within the schedule.
If you are not finished a particular question better leave that point of time and if you have time at the end, come back and write it off.
12. Good presentation
Try to write point wise with the heading and sub heading and put a number in the margin.
Don’t write irrelevant points and essay style. (If you see the suggested answer, it is in essay form, it is not the right presentation)
Try to include your own points also.
13. Conceptual clarity for Cost and FM, MAFA, Cost management problems
For cracking cost and FM, you must require conceptual clarity. This is not an easy. Some were facing a lot of difficulty to catch the concepts.
 Two option for making sound conceptual mind
Buy a good reference book and understand the relevant concepts solve the problem without referring the Solution. If you struck with the problem, remove the block by referring the blocked point. Commit the mistake and correct the mistake. Do more problems from the same book too.
Go for good coaching classes and understand the concept do more exercise too. Never depend overly on the coaching material.
14. Inter linking concepts for securing good mark Audit and Law papers
If a question set regarding Going concern, you just not write what is going concern but you need to connect wherever going concern concepts appear.
In As 1 Going concern assumption is there
In SAP also going concern concepts is there
This is also applicable to Law papers also.
16. Be mentally prepared for CA exam.
Some time the question may be too lengthy.
Some other time the questions were indirect in nature.
Some cases the questions show the surprise character.
Never loose your confidence during the exam under whatever the question may be.
17. during the exam
Come at least 15 minute sit in the exam hall. Write your roll number and be prepared for writing
After receiving the question paper just make a fast round of reading. No need to go deeply. This will help you where to start and how to start.
Start with an easy question first. Set a time for completion and the toughest question need to be taken during the last hours of the exam.
Never discuss the exam with your friends after completion of the exam it will kill your next exam confidence.

Wish you all the best
Vivek M


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sir for these interesting & helping points.I also read your profile which is also quite motivating.
Sir can you please confirm about DT & IDT syllabus ca final old, will it be the same as in may 2010 or some change, please confirm me if you can asap.

Abu said...

thanks u so much sir
i need some more help
if u dnt mind
gve me ur no
my no is 09773746613

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