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Real-time tips to deal with practical paper: Account & Cost By Ankur Garg

Dear Students and Members,
Please find below some tips to deal with practical paper like Account & Cost etc. These
tips are based on my personal observation and used by me in all my professional
Examinations. This Article is completely written by me and not copied from anywhere.
Hope this Article would be off some help in your Exam preparation:
1. After receiving the paper in your hand give it a quick look and decide the
question you are going to attempt first. Also decide the question you are going
to attempt last. I urge you to consider this point very important for a good start
of your exam.
2. Allocate a fix time for each question. After allocation it is your duty to finish the
question with in the given time limit.
3. As per my understanding presentation of theory always plays an important role
whether it is theory (Law & Audit) paper or numerical (Account, cost etc.) paper.
So keep your examination copy neat and clean without any cutting.
4. In the beginning don’t read all the questions carefully as in the beginning you
have enough time to read it twice or thrice. Read the second question carefully
only after solving the first question as decided by you in accordance with point
No. 1 of this Article.
5. Super Suggestion-1: When you give first reading to a lengthy question – Note
down all the amount/figures given in the question separately. Two benefit of this
exercise are:
i) When you solve the question you don’t have to search the
amount/figure in the lengthy question again and lot of time saved.
ii) Chances of missing any point or amount/figure minimize.
6. Don’t change the book again and again. First focus on understanding the concept
and then practice the selected book. After solving a particular author’s book
solve all the questions of scanner without any help.
7. Super Suggestion-2: This point helps you to deal with lengthy course and
improve your revision strategy. Select easy chapters as per your strength and
gain tremendous confidence by practicing more & more questions. After gaining

enough confidence remove that chapter from your final revision list. Now no
need to revise that chapter during final revision and be confident about that
8. Super Suggestion-3: After completing one practical chapter select some
landmark question from that chapter which covers almost all technicalities and
adjustments of that chapter. Revise this selected question during final revision to
recall whole chapter.
You may also put this question in ATLAS. [For ATLAS technique refer my
previous Article]
9. Compulsory Question: Prepare special strategy for C.Q. Give a quick reading to
C.Q. if you are comfortable with the adjustments given in C.Q. then only attempt
C.Q. otherwise attempt other small questions. If you attempt C.Q. without any
strategy and lost in the middle of question then “confidence ki to watt lag jayagi
mamu”. So be careful.
10. Cost Accounting: First understand cost accounting is a conceptual paper. You can
not succeed in cost account without understanding the concept. So work very
hard to make your concepts crystal clear.
11. For preparation of cost account first understand the concept from study by
practicing study material questions. After that practice scanner and compilation
12. Operation Research: In O.R. paper my first advice would be workout on your
mathematical concepts as mathematical skills are really required to excel in O.R.
13. In O.R. paper practice of ample number of numerical questions is very much
required. So after understanding the concept practice more and more questions
first from study and scanner and then from any recommended book.
14. Prepare yourself mentally to solve a lengthy question paper. Use scanner to
understand the question paper pattern and prepare yourself a strategy to deal
with it.
15. Theory Part: In practical paper also theory paper plays an important role. As per
my advice prepare your theory notes yourself well in advance including the
answers of frequently asked questions. This process helps you to understand the
concept and save your time to search theory part here & there at the exam time.
However if you got some really good notes you may use them.
16. Importance of Module Questions: As per my suggestion also practice the
questions given in the study material provided by ICAI especially when you opt
self study. However if you are taking professional coaching then you may avoid
study material questions as normally notes provided in private coaching includes
study material questions.
17. While attempting theory questions give ‘to the point’ answers. Excess theory
may waste your time and spoil your exam.
18. Super Suggestion-4: Use one pen: In exam hall use only one pen. Use of this
practice will save at-least 4-5 minutes i.e. time equal to write a short note. Hope
you can understand the importance of this point.
19. Underline relevant point: You may underline the relevant point by using the
same colour pen. Don’t use highlighter in the exam.
20. Working Note: Use working note method to improve presentation of your
question. Whenever you use calculated figure in the question always mention
working note no. in the bracket. For example working note no. 1 or 2 and so on.
21. Continue your question as per your concept and assumptions. Never try to
match your answer with anybody else.
22. While solving practical questions full focus and concentration is required. So you
have to be very calm and cool during your exam. Never make hurry when you
are in the middle of a question. It may spoil your question.
23. Query Notebook: Keep a query diary with you during study time and note your
queries in this diary and resolve them same day or next day. Do not keep your
query unresolved. Don’t forget to mention answer of your query in the query
24. Complete your paper: Try and make an effort to complete your paper 100%. In
other words attempt full paper of 100 marks to fetch some extra marks.
25. If any numerical question is completely out of your reach or in case you fail to
understand the adjustments given in the question then leave that question
immediately and move ahead. Attempt this question in the end.
26. If this is your second attempt then finish revision of your first book as early as
possible. Later on add a new book to practice more numerical questions.
27. Have a one hour group discussion with your friends regarding selected exam
oriented important topic. Discuss all the theoretical and practical aspects about
that selected topic.
28. Don’t use different notes rather I would suggest select your notes before starting
final Examination preparation and stick with them. 10 Days before exam stop
adding new topics in your schedule. Just follow your revision schedule strictly.
29. Take care of your Health: Take very good care of your health. Consider your
health as a subject. Remember if you fail to perform well in this subject you are
going to fail.
30. In the end just believe in yourself and your hard work and most importantly
believe in God.
Thanks & Regards,
Ankur Garg


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