Sunday, July 4, 2010

Skills required for CA Exam...Dont miss it out

CA exam is a professional exam and the question will be set with a view to measure your knew ledges. you must understand few tips for writing your exam effectively.

Time management skills

This is one of the important quality that a student must possess. Allocating your total time to total marks. This is nothing but total time is divided by total marks.

Now a days some question papers were lengthy and students find it difficult to complete it within the time. ( Costing and Fm , Direct tax ).In this scenario, time mangement skill is warranted.

A good and proper time management skills will help you to find time for writing all the question

Care should be taken from your part for not spoiling the quality of the answer for sake of the time.

If you not able to complete a particular answer within the allocated time, better you can switch to the other confident questions at the disposal.


Suppose there are 5 questions @ 20 mark each, you can allocate 36 minute for one 20 mark question section.

Suppose there are 5 sub questions of 4 marks each in one particular section of 20 marks then you can allocate a maximum time of 7.2 minute for one 4 mark question.

Make a prioritize the questions

Select more confident question to answer first and the unknown or difficult questions shall be taken to write during last 30 or one hour before your exam..This will boost up your confidence and you can write better.

Good presentation

This is the most important skill that a CA student need to adhered to during the time of your exam. Better presented questions will fetch good impression in the mind of examiner as he need not wander in an essay type of answer.

Do the following

Try to write the answer in point wise with heading and sub heading

Try to present the base content of the concepts in your way

Please give numbers for each of your point

Try to avoid irrelevant point as it will create a negative impact and will prove harm for you

If there is two views for a particular answer, better give the two views in the form of notes

If a particular questions have an implication in more than one area, adopt inter linking concept


Special provision for computing profit and gains from business and provison

Section 44 AD Computing the profit and gains from Civil construction

Eligible Business (Heading)

1. Civil construction

2. Supply of labour for civil construction

Deemed income

1.Sum equal to 8 % of gross receipts paid or payable to the assessee on account of such business carried on by him during the previous year

2.A sum higher than above as may be declared by the assessee in his Return of income.


1. Provision of section 28 to 43 c shall not be contrary contained

2. Provision of sec 44 AA and 44 AB in case of above business

What was the advantage of above method, the examiner will have a better impression over you because no need of wandering of relevant point in essay type answer set up.

Try to write your way to the concept will fetch you extra marks. If you taking care the above aspect then no one can deny you for clearing the CA exam

All the Best

Vivek M


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Are you preparing for CA,ICWAI,ACS,ICFAI

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