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Sure shot of Success for May 11 Exam

Dear Students and members
CA exam both final and I P C C results was declared . Congratulation for those who had cleared their exams and best of luck for those who fail the exam. I am giving some rescue plan for those who had failed their exam.
Most contradictory part that if we given advise to the students, they will simply ignore it, otherwise they have a reason that no one is there for guidance.
Those who had failed must require some corrections in their part. Our mind has counter defense mechanism provided if you have “Confidence”.
For clearing your exam in May exam, first you think about how to utilize your time more effectively. CA is simply an achievable task. But why you can’t achieve it?? Only one answer towards that your improper plan and improper execution of the plan. I am not blaming you.
But if you want to become a successful Person in your life, you have to suffer a lot of pain. “No pain No gain” basis. Even if you are under performed in any of your CA exam, have chance provided if you execute as mentioned below.
Bring all the possible effort to accomplish the goal. Do it “Do or Die basis”
“Failure is a right step to begin wise again” (Henry ford quote)
How you will start wisely your preparation towards exam? First never be compromise over the conceptual parts while you learn. Be perfect, so that you can achieve excellence.
Having failed in spite of your best effort, simply say miserable, but it is life, some time you have to suffer such negative state of mind for your better future. So start right now.
Think that you have to do your level best , sacrifice your mind and bodies towards studies only. You see the coming exam and result will be yours. It is the confidence and your great effort that even ICAI cannot deny your success. But you have to do following corrections in your part.
1.Analyze where you had committed wrong??
Some key indicators
Costing, SFM failed: - You have to improve more on conceptual part, have to do more problems so that you will be master in problem solving part. Never look for any solutions. Find most time for solving problems without impairing the importance of other papers also.
Accounts failed :- You have to improve the fundamental entry part first, second must have a good conceptual clarity, third you require more practice with respect to improve your problem solving speeds. Further, you must require a good knowledge of Accounting standards, GAAP, IFRS, etc…
Audit failed: - you have to refer best reference book first (Padhuka), second never make compromise over SA, AS, CARO report. Third, you have to do more revisions, analyze past practical questions of ICAI. Good presentation. You have to write all the relevant points in an adhesive manner. Try to write own words the conceptual part. Never compromise over making good notes, more revisions.
Law paper failed:_ You require best reference book ( Munish bandhari), good conceptual understanding of law points. Refer past practical questions, make good notes and more number of repetition and good presentation in exam. Connection with all the relevant part.
Tax paper Failed: - you require a good reference book (Many Books), Good conceptual understanding of taxation. Recent amendments applicable for your exam and past questions of ICAI exam and better presentation over exam
Infotec, ICSA, failed :- Discard ICAI material first. (Dinesh madan). Good understanding of logic is required. Refer ICAI past questions. Good notes preparation and good number of revisions before exam.
2. Make a good time table to cover effectively your syllabus. Make a provision for revision part, Mock test. Try to find more times with studies and all the possible hard work for May exam.
3. Adopt Read, Understand, memories and document technique for all the theory questions along with frequent revisions.
3. Adopt a good presentation mechanism for exam. Point to point presentation is better. Give a tittle which indicate what is the inside matter. Try to write your way. Try to add values ( extra relevant point which is not in the book).
4. Keep away negative thought , surfing the net. If you failed please remember that you are under utilized your power of your brain. Utilize to the level best.
5.Try to find a small group for combined studies, such method is very good as far as revising the problem parts.
6. Systematicaly do your daily study routine, no compromise over your daily study routine.
All the best
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Sneha said...

thank u sir for such a wonderful post..:)

prasadkhopkar said...

sir i am c.s final student,which book is good for financial management from point of practical sum & easy to understand.since i am already having A.N.SRIDHAR author book. thank in advance

Rathiya said...

thank u sir, i hope that from this moment of my prepartion wil get good result in may11 exam, by seeing ur wonderful post.

and pls tell me how to prepare cwa final and about class, i passed cwa inter in first attempt in june10.

Sneha said...

Thank u sir..

sneha said...

Yeah i joined the blog...:D

Is CA I P C C Result will be Favourable

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