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Full useful Information to I PCC students

Dear PCC and IPCC students,

The recommended books are in addition to ICAI modules. Also refer the practice manuals. This is also important for exam point of views. You can refer ICAI materials other than the subject Income tax.

Accounts paper

Reference Book recommended
1)      Shukla and Grewal (Sultan chand)
2)      Padhuka
3)      Tusian

Approach to studies

 For scoring more than 60 Plus mark, you must have a sound knowledge of entry formation part.
 Basic accounting entry part and sound conceptual knowledge and good problem solving and a good time management skills.

From Problems and solution part
a)   Read the problem carefully, highlight the fact and figures.
b)  b) Try to understand the information which is available for solving the problems and understand the concepts.
c)    c) If possible try to document it in a note book. It will make you easy during the revision stages.

Advance accounts

Reference Book recommended
1)      Dolphy disoza
2)      Rawat

Approach to studies

a)   Go through the concept part of accounting standard first.
b)   Go it to the detailed level and make good notes. you must have a fair idea of accounting and audit standard since most of the audit  and account questions have influence of these standard. Never restort to selective study as far as standards are concerened.

Try to solve all the previous accounting standards problems.

Business Law and corporate law
1)      Reference Book recommended
2)   Munish bandari
3)   MP Vijaykumar
4)Jayaraman Notes

Approach to studies
Understand all the provision with extra care of all the case laws. Make special notes. Use Mnemonic technique (Abbreviation Technique). Take more time with the sections, understand the logic of the section, Go through the case law which is favouring and against of this sections.

Uses inter linked technique for exam. There are some questions which may hit many of the sections at a time.

If you don’t know a particular section number, better to leave the same. Quoting of wrong section number may cause vanishing of full

 Costing and Financial Management

Reference Book recommended

1)   Padhuka
2)   Vashist and saxena

a)  Approach to studies
b)  Try to solve the Solutions part from Padhuka
c)   Read the question understand the questions. Mark all the figure data.
d)   Try to understand what are the information which is available for solving the problems, what are the information which are missing and also understand the Conceptual part.
e)   A conceptual error will make more lose of mark than a normal error and failing this paper. Try to solve the similar exercise, without referring the similar kind problems.
f)     Never ever look the solutions. Try to solve the problems own your own. This is for self study candidate.
g)  Never confirmed alone to coaching materials if you had undergone for coaching. But never look the solution.
h)  Do the problems from suggested answers and scanners.
i)     Use time management strategy for the exam. Costing and FM is normally lengthy in nature.

Income Tax, VAT and Service tax

Reference Book recommended
1)      T N Manoharan
2)      Padhuka
3)      Singania
4)  Girish ahuja
Approach to studies

a)    Be thorough with All the 5 head of Income, Deductions under chapter VI A, VAT, Gross total income problems.
b)  Be update with the amendment which is applicable for your exam.
c)   Give notes to the problems in Gross Total income. First compulsory question in incometax.
d)  Must have a good conceptual clarity for all the provision of Income tax Act this will help you to write the practical questions with much effectively and efficiently. If you are through in the above area. You can easy to score 60 plus range.

Auditing and Assurance

Reference Book recommended
1)      Padhuka
2)      Surabhi Bansal
3) V K Kapoor
For   sa
1) Padhuka
2) Dolphy disouza

Approach to studies

a)  Through knowledge of Accounting standard , SA, CARO  etc is important ( Good volume of the questions are from this area.
b)  Good knowledge with Company Audit one, Two, special audit etc is warranted.
c)   Just read the basic concepts and internal control
d)  Use interlinked concepts. In exam question may encompass more than one area. Click here for example of interlinked technique.

Information technology
Reference Book recommended
1)   Dinesh Madan
2)   Module
3)   Saraswathi murali
4)   Padhuka

Approach to studies

a)  Give equal weight age to both IT and SM. Means learn for 200 marks.
b)  Understand the concept well and make a documentation.
c)    This subject does not have any commercial back ground so that there is a vulnerability of being lose so make a good notes.
d)   This subject requires more revision since no commercial back ground and additional care also.

 Note  (Attahed here with the list of good coaching classes All over india) 

Wish you all the best


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