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Good exam writing TIPS for you

For performing  your CA exam, I suggest some tips This tips are not new and all may be know the same. There are  three activity  in this discussion. Each of these activities are inter linked and weakness in any one this segment can damage your success. So be careful.

·        Revision stage
·        In the exam
·        After exam

Revision stage

·       Use Pictures, Diagram, Flow chart, drawings, tables and illustrations. Since they are easy to remember than a page of text.
·       Using colors to remember different topic is more effective. Try to use different color pattern to highlight certain point and continue the same pattern throughout your revision stage. This may help you in the exam as you may remember the color and link this to a particular topic.
·       Use code format to memorize. Example Color of rainbow VIBGYOR.
·       It can be a good idea to revise in a situation that resembles the exam. Writing mock or test papers.
·       Identify the most relevant chapters for CA exam through scanners and suggested answers. Try to cover all those area first and after that rest of the chapters.

In the exam stage


·       Adrenaline can be good before the exam. But once in the exam room try not to be so wound up that you panic or become over-excited and make a silly mistake.
·       Relax, take long breath and get used to room and setting.
·        Try to enjoy the exam experience.

2) Read all the instructions and guidelines carefully and make sure that you understand what to do.
3) Read all the questions and choose those which you wish to answer.
  Read the question carefully and highlight the main points you think you need to address. Highlight the relevant points in the questions. All the information in the figures (financial information) must be highlighted. If do so, it will catch the attention at the later point of time.

4) Make a time management strategy. Allocate the time according to the mark. You will not get any over time in exam.

 Better to present the answer in point wise format with good heading and sub heading and decent margin for the same. This will make a good impression. Create a good impression with the examiner.

5) Don’t worry about making mistakes. Just cross material out and keep going. Never tense about unknown questions. Keep focusing on how you can write well.

7) Never leave a question unanswered. Even a few sentences answering a question partially give you the opportunity of scoring a few marks.

After the exam stage

1) The first thing people tend to do after an exam is go back to their notes and read about the topic they have just written about. Try not to do this if possible, as you may stress yourself out unnecessarily. Also, try not to do a post-mortem of the exam with your friends as this may make you (or your friends) unnecessarily anxious. This will spoil the mood of next exam. Poor performance in the next exam and ultimate failure. Kill such curiosity.

2)   Instead of worrying about or congratulating yourself on the exam you have just finished, focus on preparing for the next exam instead.                                                       
3)   If all your exams are over, celebrate and don’t spend the whole summer thinking about how you.

All the best

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