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Good presentation tips for CA exam

Some useful tips to better presentation.
Presentation to exam is an art. We have a small discussion about how to present the answer to the exam since a good presentation will help you to create a better impression with the paper valuer and good mark. We are going to write CA exam being a professional exam. This is a medium of communication and communication must be effective.
Useful tips to make better presented answers
a) Convert the paragraph answers in to points. Give a good margin number for each Point. Give a suitable heading the points wherever required.
b) Heading of the points must be a key word. By refereeing the key words, examiner must be able to perceive the content of points.
c) Except for definition, try to write own your words and own style. This makes your answer sheet more valuable.
d) Some cases, you have to start with good introduction. Introduction is a gateway and which should give in to light the content that you are going to discuss. Apart from introduction, there require a good conclusion.
e) Your answer must be readable to the examiner. This doe not implies you have to possess a good hand writing rather a bad handwriting with readable form will serve the purpose.
f) For practical questions, correlate and inter link the applicable concepts in a cohesive and comprehensive manner. Apart from your own value added points also serve the purpose.
g) Give a clear working and other notes wherever it requires.
Do not
a) Never try to add irrelevant point and content since these will create a negative impressions. Never try to add the point by applying Gas.
b) Never give irrelevant heading to the points. This will affect adverse. Never quote a wrong section number or SA number. If you don’t know, better ignore this number.
Please refer the below example. Otherwise the discussion will not serve the purpose.
All the best
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prathamesh shenoy said...

It provides correct guidance and connotes importance of some key requirements with lucid language building good urge and positivity for beginners of IPCC.

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