Saturday, May 7, 2011

How Can Remain happy

Dear Friends and members,
This is my humble effort to point out how we can be happy. Now a day, we all are busy and no time to be happy. Mostly, our life becomes a Robotic manner. Doing the same thing in a mechanical manner. If there is no worry then we will be happy always. Thus, stress kills our happiness.
Forget stress.
Golden age of our life is boyhood days. We all are happy, it is because we all got gift to forget the stress. If we all have this quality in this adult age, then, we all are to be happy.
Thus, for coming out of stress is to forget stress and you will be happy. It was so simple but profound lesson.
But as adults, it becomes difficult for us to forget like children do. We all are stressed in one form or other form to secure a good and happy life. It is difficult for adults to forget the stress and become happy. However, we can reduce stress, if we take self initiative towards this direction.
Those who worried about exam, please go through the following statement.
One message we all should be borne in mind that “"whenever you loose try to learn what you need to learn to win. When you learn you will never become stressed for loosing. You will be happy because you have transformed disadvantage to your advantage."

When we ask why do we become unhappy let us contemplate?

1. Do we forget to forget stress?
2. Do we have no time to be happy?
3. Does it mean a sacrifice to be happy?
4. Do we have to keep asking why?
5. Do we love the challenges we face?
6. Do we like ourselves for failing to be happy?
And so on... you can add your own questions for contemplation.

Better practise good meditation and yoga which will help to improve your happiness and peace by giving better view and perspective of the thinks and setting your priorities better. Living is an art, if you feel happy, we feel the earth is Heaven, if we feel stress, then; it is a hell like Feeling. Don’t worry be happy.
All the best for living happy
CA Vivek.M
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