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If you own a computer , please read this story

Dear CCI member, It is a real life stroy which may surely influence your mind,
It er who waits a decade for return of his son
Mr X who is a brilliant scientist of ISRO, but due to the great passion in drama and writing, resigned the scientist job. He was living through the drama and writing spent least time with his family.

He has two children, Seetha and Lakshman. His wife was expired after giving birth to his daughter Seetha. After the death of his father, mother was feeling lonely and sad. She was taken care of these children. Thus, Granny was living for these children. Granny was all for this children’s.
Mostly Mr X was on travel from one place to other place for drama or writing, forgets to take care the growth of his children. Granny was taken care of both these children. She will take care all things of these children more than a mother. After children’s return from the school, they will share what ever happened with them in the school Granny will tell stories and even play with these children’s. Granny will prepare good tasty food for children. Thus, Father was just limited to an ATM machine.
The elder son Lakshman grew and reached to 7th standard. One day he requested to his father for a computer since most of his friends have computer. But father was rejected son request due to the misuse that may arise from the computer. Granny also shows a concern for buying computer. However, the father gradually agreed to buy computer to his son due to his repeated compulsion. He was consoled with him selves that this is a computer age, what is the wrong with buying a computer? Let the child learn computer in this school level.
Gradually, the son was crazy with computer. All the time including holidays, he spends all the time with computer. No interaction with his granny or father or his sister. She was so sad, due to the changes happened with her Grand son. He hate even a guests come in the home since he will lost the time with Video game and all.
One day, after returning from the school, he runs in to the computer room for playing game. The room was at upstairs. Granny however, managed to walk through the step with Evening food. Grand son was involved fully with Car race game and forget about his granny. She was standing grand son back side and touched with his shoulder for eating food. But he was pushed the granny gently since he may lost some points in the computer game. The granny feel so sad and back to her room.
Granny feels very sad about grandson behavior since she was living for the children’s. Next day as usual the son goes to the school. Suddenly Granny feel heart pain admitted to hospital. She finally told to the father that, “I am going with your dad”. Thus, Granny died.
For grandson, it was a great shock. He was not touched the computer thereafter. Feel so guilty about him selves. One day, he compelled his father to join him with a boarding school. Father feels so sad, requested his son repeatedly, but he was not agreed, and finally joined with him in a boarding school. The son was grown and now become a computer engineer, but never returned to home back. Never opened the computer in his home.

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