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Inspirational story from Bollywood to CA students

Dear Friends and members of CA club. I wish to inter link the CA students life with two famous movie, Tare Zameen par and 3 Idiots.
Hope this articles is linked from movies, the examples were cited from the movies and let we check how many have such kind of similarity.
Recap from the movie Tare Zameen par.

· The story was based on 8 year old boy Ishaan who dislike schools and fails every test or exam. He finds all subjects difficult, and is belittled by his teachers and classmates.
· If he opens the books, magical lands filled with color and animated animals will be there. All the figures start running here and there.
· The boys see the figures and letters in a different format than that of others. This was identified his teacher and adopted some technique to overcome dyslexic.
· He is an artist whose talent is unrecognized since Nikumbh (Amir khan)visits Ishaan's parents and asks if he can see more of their son's work. He is stunned by the sophistication of one of Ishaan's paintings, and tells his parents that Ishaan’s is a bright child who processes information differently from other children in his class.
· Finally Nikumbh (Amir Khan) adopt some study technique to make understand how the letters and figures are formed and his grading gradually improves.
The End

Impact on CA students

· There are few of our friends who are pursuing CA course either totally or partially in the same state of “Our Ishaan”. (Subject wise Ishaan also there).This means they are percept the concept in a way different from others.
· Here you can never see a magical field with different colours nor animated animals but your mind will travel out syllabus. This I mean seeing good and nice dreams through your modules but not related with any of the subject. It may be 8th wonder in your imagination also. Either may take cell phones and sending SMS to your dears and sweeties. So, I suggest the students to pay some amount as entertainment taxes to ICAI, because that causes you to see good wonder thoughts.
· If they take the chapter “Overhead’ all the things will be over the head and take the chapter materials, nothing will be materials. Only there is some amount of labour and that too waste
Solutions for the above
· You cannot grasp the concepts and logic due to poor concentration or disability or weakness to the particular subject. This is creating you the subject bore.
· Some of my friend hate audit while some others dislike ISCA. Ultimately lead to poor performance and failure.
· There will not be any teacher ( For Ishaan, Nikumbh was there). Build strong bases first. Give maximum possible concentration to that area. Attend classes. Gradually you can learn well. Your grading will be improved.
No one will motivate you other than your selves. This is called self motivation.

Recap the movie 3 IDIOTS

· This movie tell the story of three friend namely Rancho das syamal das (Amir khan) Farhan Qureshi ( R madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) along with one more character Chatur Ramalingam or "Silencer"(Om vaidya).
· Rancho was driven by his passion for machines and devices, studies for joy of it. Farhan does not like engineering since he like wild life photography and Raju was studying to raise his family fortune. Chatur have good ability to by heart any thing. Please remember this once scene , you will come to know.
· On Teacher's Day Chatur is awarded the honour of making a speech. Since Rancho is well aware of Chatur's nature Rancho substitutes some of the speech paper with obscene words which has been written by the librarian. As expected, Chatur mindlessly memorises the speech, aided by his lack of understanding of Hindi. His speech becomes the laughing stock of the audience, infuriating the authorities in the process.
· He felt insulted and challenged to Rancho das , who will be more successful in their professional life.
· Ultimately Chatur fails Rancho succeed in life

Impact on CA students

· There are some students who joined the CA course but their interest may be some other field (Farhan Qureshi). Where as some others may join the CA course solely for raising family fortune only (Raju Rastogi). There are least chance to success the above two categories. Because they will be more victim of Tare Zameen par example.
· There are final categories of students who have potential to study. One will learn the things in a mechanical manner while some other learn the things by understanding logics and concepts, they will strive to bring some value additions over they had learned. Finally result declares the last category will be first.
· CA course now a day is real time practical questions. This will test the knowledge of the student. If a ditto questions in the book come you can perform well, where as practical questions come, they will be always failure. This is due to memorising method of study.
· If a question like what is machine. There may be book definition. You can mug it up and reproduce. Rather you tell the same from your common sense “it is a thing to reduce human effort”. See the scene from three idiots.
· Like wise, if a practical question is set, you can get more mark for that answer which is relevant and it is coming in your way than a book definition. But some circumstance there may be book definition will be only source.
· It is the time which is reached you to change yourselves and such changes will change your entire outlook. You can win. You can post your feed back to my mail or as a reply to the thread.
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