Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is dedicated to CA Failed students

CA Final result is Out and hearty congratulation to those who have made their dream True. Those who are failed, Pause a while, change your selves and achieve the same. These articles I am dedicated to those who seek suggestion for improving the study Routine.

The study process is indeed involves Investment of time. From today onwards 105 days or 2520 hours of time is Left for investing your study process.  How effective you are utilize time for study process will determine your success. For that you have to forget your present failure.

“Write your sad moment in a sand and Glad moment in Rock”.
But normally reverse is happening. Always we try to hold worst thought and creating a negative feeling and finally another failure. Human have antenna which easily catch negative thought faster and positive thought slowly.
Instead of thinking about failure, dream about clearing the exam and becoming a CA. This will give you an extra power and energy to work hard and improve productivity. Change your Thought process.
Each day, when you wake up, take a firm decision to utilize the time of that day very effectively for study process. Before going to sleep, just ensure that you have utilized the day effectively.

Identify what was the root cause for present Failure?
How you fail is immaterial, but what was caused your failure is highly relevant.  Reason for failure is being different from person to person. Each of you has valid and genuine reason for failure. Commit strongly yourself for not repeating the same mistake again. Henry Ford Quote, “Failure is a right step to start wise again”. If you are not committing the same mistake, then, it is a wise start.
If you want to success in exam, open your mind. From a “No way”, you have to find out a “way”. There is a way opened in front of you to reach success. But the choice is yours to open or close your mind.

Increase the bench mark
Fix a good bench mark which will automatically optimize your performance. If your bench mark is good and if you have a good confidence, you will work hard to achieve your bench mark and ultimately you will get a good result.

Plan your studies
Before plan your studies, following two parameters should be taken in to account
a)   Your strength and weakness with respect to studies
b)  Maximum utilization of time in effective manner.

Balanced study
Your studies must be balanced. Some of you may extremely good in practical and not good in theoretical angle and vice versa. This will reflect in your exam marks. Effort must be taken from your part to improve your weakness so that your studies will be balanced.

Quality study
First thing is ensure “Quality of study” and not “Quantity of study”. This means Coverage of entire syllabus with crystal clarity of the conceptual part. If you are clear with conceptual angle, no doubt you can handle any kind of practical or challenging questions by hitting the concepts.

All the best
CA Vivek M

NB:-  For any help or suggestion, mail me in the above mail  ID.


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