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Where to start preparation for November exam 11

Dear Friends
Now Your CA final result is just over and trend is seems to be pretty good. But what ever happened, still some of our friends were struggling for passing out CA exam. Now there are two segments of people who are going to write November 11 exam. The first group is already failed in May exam and second category is fresher’s.
My word to Losers of exam
Having failed in spite of your all possible effort is simply says “miserable”. No one can stop you from failing until you have changing your mindset in a positive manner.
This failure just like an external indicator for internal performance improvement.  If you observe you’re the failure pattern itself shows a consistent trend pattern! (Fails for Aggregate or fails in practical or theoretical papers.)
First of all, you have to change your mental outlook in a positive manner.  Getting a grip over your weakness will help you to success your next exam.  Second, you have to motivate yourselves.  Remember ‘No one can motivate you other than yourselves. You have to pass your life, so, you have to keep motivate yourselves; put extra effort, if it is necessary to accomplish your goals.
This is not the time to disappoint rather the right time to set forth your full power in to one particular mission that is next November exam. Whether you have failed or fresher, wake up from your sleep first and think to exploit the remaining days more effectively for study process.
How can write your next exam in a better manner??
 In this Endeavour, there require a good and effective daily study plan and strategy.  You are the only person responsible chalking out your plans. Whatever time you get free can be utilized for study process. If you looking back for the strategy of others, the result will be negative.  Self strategy is one of the most important ingredients.
 How a Topper become Topper??
 Whether you are going for Practical or theory, getting over concepts is most important.  This can be accelerated by your coaching teachers or good reference book and self study or group studies.
 Revision will help you to build your concepts stronger and better and testing under exam circumstance will help you to improve yourselves.
If you are following the above three things strictly, then, you will become a un beatable person by yourselves. 
Never feel that you have no time or running short of time. It is your duty to find out time to chalk out the action plan. Remember , all are facing the same problem of lack of time.
 ( L R T Techniques)
Your total study cycle should be allocated for “Learning, Revising and Testing” before your actual exam.
Each of these steps is very important and has to be chalked out very seriously and same important.

7 AM to 1 PM
3 PM to 11 PM
Monday to Wednesday
Thursday to Saturday
Mock test
Mock test

Total days shall be allocated for both practical and theory segment. However, if you find a particular paper hectic, allocate some more time for it. As far as practical papers are concerned, solving extra number of problems will not only improve your conceptual bunch but also problem solving speeds, so it is a twin benefit for you.
Remembering section number or name of case laws is not at all important, rather writing the relevant point is most important. However, if you can able to write it in exam will be added advantages. For that better prepare a chart of sections and fix it in a place you can see it frequently.
All the best
CA Vivek M


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