Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over come all your Obstacles and become a CA

Where there is a will, you will find out a way for achieving your goal. This means we are writing our fate.

But there are a lot of obstacles in front of us. Our discussion is center around to Age factor, failure, Financial and educational.

Age factor

If you think age is a factor to learn CA course, then, see the following example and change your thought.

After retirement age, SD Bala thought for a new career. Joined CA course in the age of 56. Gone through regular articlship and finally 10 days before attaining the age of 60, he becomes a Qualified Chartered Accountant.

Reverse case

There are certain students who start studying in younger age and keep on writing CA exam and qualify as CA when they become senior citizen. We can compare this is with Famous cricketer “Rahul David Innings. Write exam till ICAI fails to fail. But the effort they have taken in all their ages where just awesome.

This proves there is no age limit for learning. 


If we fail, as usual will decrease confidence and sails over failure. Let us observe the following example

The result of May 2010 was produced a breaking news of securing rank by a Failed student and his name is Archit Atual shah from Gujarat. Out of 8 papers, he failed more than 5 papers during November 2009 exam. From Failure to success only you have to travel from November to May. In short Failure is not a limiting factor to achieve success rather an external indicator to achieve the best result.


Some time your parents may be illiterate as well as they are not in a position to let you to go coaching classes. Some time you have to take tuition to income and articlship stipend may be not enough to survive.

This real life story written by “Anil Kumar Gupta about his real life experience. He was belongs to a poor family background. Most of the subject he was adopted for “self study” Method. Taken Tuition classes for his survival since articlship stipend were not enough to meet all the expense.

But students who are undergoing coaching classes for reputed faculties were fails miserably.


Some time our educational back ground may be in a vernacular medium. This may create some problem at the time of doing CA course. If you are from a non commerce back ground and vernacular medium student, then it is really a challenging.

Up to my Graduation, my learning medium was vernacular medium. When joined CA course, there is no other option for me other than studying English. Though, it was difficult for me at the beginning but by luck got a grip over language.

In short, if you decided to become a CA even if you are aged, Or from a poor family back ground or educational back ground , you achieve it.

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