Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CA exam approaches for may 13 exam

Dear Friends and Esteemed CCI members  

 Following are some of my views for those who are writing 2013 May exam. ·      

  Make your SWOT analysis before start your actual preparation and make an action plan to improve performance.   

·        Set goals based on your strength and weakness.  

 ·        Select easy subjects as scoring papers to avoid aggregate issues. Assign extra market for these subjects. Also do extra effort for the subject you have performed poorly.  

 ·        Frame a good time table for utilization of time in an effective way.  Buy a scheduler and daily target should be documented. Review for non attained target should be properly taken care of.  

 ·        Time table should be created according to your biological cycle. Tough subject in your best concentrated time and easy subject for your weak concentration time.  

 ·        Keep away from social networking site, chatting, and also switch off your cell phone. These are indeed a relaxation but also a distraction. Modern smart phones are more dangerous point for distraction.  

 ·        Conceptual learning. A good teacher or a good reference book will help you to learn the concepts in a better way. 

a)     Step one when you learn, and then try to imagine what you are learning. A good visualization of what you are learning should be required. 

b)    Second, make short notes for the concepts you have learned. This documentation will help you to hold your concepts firmly.

 c)     Third, try to recover what you have learned immediately. This may bring in to your attention the area you have not exercised properly.

 d)    Recollect those concepts after few days later (One day to one week). If you have not learned properly, you will come to know this stage. 

  ·        Never resort to a selective method of study which is based on scanners or suggested answers. Better going through the full syllabus since exam pattern cannot be predicted.  

 ·        Group or combined studies for problems paper such as SFM, Accounts, and AMA will have better effect.  A small group consists of 3 to 4 students are better. Ideas of various students can be integrated. Select sums, don’t refer solutions, try to solve it.     

·        Better exam presentation. Exam presentation is an art. It is a method of making your exam answers in an order. Junk and bulky answers may be not attractive and will create a negative impact. Do the following technique in this connection.  

   a)     Write answers in your own words with the help of concepts which  already learned.

 b)    Make your answer precise. Try to avoid bulk, junk and easy format of answer. Break your answers in to various points with heading, sub heading and margins, where ever it is required.

 c)     Try to supplement some additional points if you can able to do it.  


Anonymous said...

Guys Lets do the best in November 2013 Exams. Time table of November 2013 exam is released.


Best of Luck for your exams.

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