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Examination tips cracking No choice code

All of you must be aware that the ICAI has announced a change in the pattern
of the question paper with respect to the PCC and Final Examination, i.e., from
the November 2009 examination, there will not be any choice and a student
has to compulsorily answer all the questions. This is also applicable for those
who take the IPCC examination.
The announcement reads as follows:
The Examination Committee has taken the following important
decisions for the November, 2009 examinations. Students are
advised to note them carefully
A. CA course being a professional course, practical training is
an essential part of it and accordingly all papers of Professional
Competence Examination as well as Final should be practical
oriented questions as also of the level of knowledge should be
expert and not working knowledge. All questions should be
compulsory at both Professional Competence Examination /
Integrated Professional Competence Examination and Final

The way to deal with it is to be ready for it. You have NO CHOICE (Pun
unintended). We give below the issues involved and how to face it

SL no Issues How to Face
1 Nature of the Question Paper. Be prepared for any surprise.

This is not known
2 The level of knowledge: Expert do not worry. At worst the question

Knowledge and not working can be lengthy. If it’s lengthy for you it’s

Knowledge lengthy for others as well.
3 Nature of Questions: Analysis Focus on:

of the Past Question Papers Study material

fairly reveals that the source of Past Exam papers

the questions is more or less RTP

from the study materials, RTPs One prescribed text book (Prescribed

and past question papers. In by ICAI]

some selected subjects it could .

be from prescribed text books
4 About the Question Paper.

One can notice questions are Do not waste time on doing the question

not normally repeated for about for the past 4 attempts except for

2 years i.e., 4 attempts. But a practice, if need be.

different question from the same

topic is possible. .
5 About the Question Paper: Split a subject into say 20 sub-divisions

In almost all the subjects there is of topics. A matching with that of the

consistency with respect to 60% past question papers would throw out

of the topics. the topics which are consistently

repeated. Hence student should be

thorough with the 60%.
6 About Question Paper: The This is a general phenomenon and it can

time allowed may be be noticed that more or less 10% of the

disproportionately less to questions will be difficult to answer. Do

number of questions asked, due not unnecessarily worry about it. To

to the voluminous syllabus. tackle this it is preferable to provide

short/precise answers instead of giving a

lengthy and irrelevant answer.
7 The right objective: Students Change your objective. This

do not normally set an objective automatically ensures that you get the

of getting 50+ marks in each AGGREGATE.

8 Lack of Practice: You are more Note that the examination is manual.

accustomed to cell phones and Please give rest to both your cell phones

typing in the Computers. and computer. Start writing. It should be

a minimum of 2 hours a day.
9 Know the system of valuation Refer the suggested answers brought

by the ICAI. The valuation is out by the ICAI and cross verify whether

quite unique. i.e., every step your answers tally with the answer

carries a due weight in each given. It need not be 100% similar.

paper. However you should be able to strike

75% of the same.
10 General Tips: Ensure proper and adequate

preparation, adequate sleep and

adequate diet. Do not overdo any of


Do not panic if your very first exam is

not upto your satisfaction. Go ahead.


Do not write unnecessary and

irrelevant answer.

Read the instructions clearly and do

not misunderstand the question.

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