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You can Win the CA course

The success is not a single process rather cumulative series of action.
The first basic factors lie on our right decision at the right time. If you take the decision with your whole interest and without compulsion of your parents or you had taken the course because your entire friend had undergone the same course will not be a right decision. If you taken the decision taking in to account your interest for that particular field will constitute the right decision.
Attitude is the main factor for success. Attitude is an inner urges that foster the confidence. Your attitude shall be positive “I can” so that you should find the way to success.
Set a positive frame of mind set and identify your weakness and strength.
First few months after joining the course you may be not come to know what is your strength in studies and weakness due to the course is new , unique and ignorance . Some may feel very difficult to understand the concepts of the problem some other may feel very difficult to understood the law subject.
If you plan your studies considering your strength and weakness then the success is with you , if you plan with out considering your strength and weakness then you would fail frequently, that is the main logic behind the success people continues to success and failures continue the failures. So be careful for planning your studies.
Your school level and college level may indicate your strength and weakness roughly, but that is never being a standard for CA like course.

Time period
If both theory and problem paper is strong
Try Both group
1.5 to 2 year
If problem strong and theory weak
Try for single group
1 year
If theory is strong but problem is weak
Try for single group
1 year
Average students
Try for single group
1 year
If you are very command in problem and theory problem then you should plan for both group. IF you poor in problem papers and have command in the theory papers better you should focus on one group because the problem paper would eat up your good time and may be a critical factor for your failure. If you are strong in problems and weak in theory then also write group wise but these category will fail too frequent as the volume of theory is more than problem papers. If you are an average that is not good and bad in the problems and theory then you should write the single group as these should require more time for set in the studies. So identify your category and take the decision to go ahead with Both Group or stick on group wise.
Pursing the CA course involve the investment of most valuable resource called “Time”. Average candidate have to find some extra time so that there would not be any aggregate problems.
Set the goal according to your strength and weakness find the time to correct the weakness try good coaching or buy the best books for studies. These best books will constitute your resource.
Be systematic. When you studies understand the logic behind it and then document it, If you have 6 papers please buy six note book and make the habit of scribbling in it. You should write all the major points in that book and make a heading. The heading shall be the key word. If you look the key word then you should have understand the concepts. But for making notes you should take some years.
Revise periodically else you will forget the entire things. After completing a particular lesson, you should try for a unit test. Try to write the exam under the real exam conditions. Evaluate by yourself as an examiner. Make quarterly test so that you would get the chance of revising the subject. These will enhance your creativity.
Study cycle for normal course would take some time which is called migration time. First Few months is the migrating period that is for changes from Plus 2 level or graduation level to a professional course. Then allot 6 month per group. This is the normal time. For studying smoothly per group that require a minimum period of Six month. Some may not have much time even they would try for both group ultimately the result is virtually Zero for most of the cases. So writing both groups shall be a long term decision at least 1 and Half year or 2 year would be required.
Fine tuning during the revision time, find at least 10 to 12 hours. One thing please be remembered that hours of studies being different from the productive studies.
Keep away from the negative people and thought.
Last but not least, presentation in the exam is the major things for success. But there is no hard rule to define what will constitute a good presentation.
But following can add.
  1. Better to write in point wise that can help the examiner easy identification of answer.
  2. Give each point each unique number and good point heading.
  3. Pont wise presentation is a compressed one of whole and it contains all the relevant point. If a question is of 5 mark write five good and relevant point rather than descripttive and paragraph form. Five marks will be in your pocket.
  4. You should eighter TILO (Toughest will last out) Or EIFO (Easier question will first out) method of writing. The entire easiest question shall be written in the first and leave the space and number for the toughest question. This will foster the confidence and in the later point of time you would be in a position to handle the exam.
  5. Try to write the sentence in your language except for definition type.
  6. Dont discuss after the exam with your friend that will eat up the energy of succeeding day’s exam.
  7. Be confidence as in the normal course the first exam will be tough and lose the confidence, but never ever give up and write the succeeding exam in the full confidence and spirit, be a warrior in the exam battle.
All the Best

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ajay said...

sir I am a Science student and obtained 78 in dec CPT, I had studied hard enoough to clear but i coudnt.
what change U suggest in me ?

Is CA I P C C Result will be Favourable

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