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Complete guide to success of CA course


For successing CA We requires the burning desire that is the secret of the success. You should work hard with little bit smart work also.
Hard work with smart work will lead you the success.
Planing is the foundation for the success.
Right plan right decision and ultimately success.
The attitude is the main thing which lead you success or failure.
If you think that you are doing the level best of you, then what will prevent you for getting the CA? Dedication is the right thing. Dedicate wholly for the CA course, mind and body. Only the common gaol to get it up, until that tries the level best.
If you fail then think that you did some mistake, work harder than previous attempt. Don’t be frustrate the failure, because it is a by product of success. Failure is required you to improve.
Cultivate a right attitude.
For achieving CA you should have to go ahead systematically. One sad thing is that advising is very easy but its implementation is very difficult. Who will have time to go systematically? Each one has their own thinking. That is needed.
Right study method
Method of study has a critical role for clearing CA.
Normally everyone adopt reading style, but you should understand the things while reading and then document what you have understood in a note.
A note may not be points, a better note contain the main content of the subject.
It needn’t be point wise but also explanatory manner. Whatever it may be, it should be capable of replacing your bulky text books at the time of revision.
A note which has written in your imagination would be more effective than a note which is just copy and paste from text. But it is not an easy.
Approaches to problem papers
For accounts and costing the concepts play a major role try to understand the concepts at the grass root level.
How to go grass root level, that is lies on the concept part of problem paper, every concepts would be properly documented, but we are not apply the concepts .
We just mugging the concept and problems also. What happened that if the ditto questions were in the exam we can clear else keep on writing the exam as a procession.
If anybody failing only costing or accounts then please remember they are mugging the problem without understanding any concepts.
While solving a problem in costing or accounts try to solve your own without referring the solution, it will let you a chance to commit the mistake, you may commit blunder also, it may be erode your confidence also, go back to the basic lessons in the previous classes.
Commit the mistake and correct it, these approaches is time consuming but it is the most effective.
If you want to be CA try to blend the above two point. If you go these way it guarantee you Success, but these way are most difficult and time consuming. But guarantee the success.
firstly we are not devoting our 100% attention when we solve the problems or studying theory.
So concentration is the first key thing. There are many things which may affect the concentration. Interruption by family members, sound produced by the T V, Etc.
Problem with weaker subject.
If you find difficulties with the problem papers or any theory papers found boring or difficult, it will take your good productive hours.
Correction of the weaker subject should have to be done. Most students were found difficult in getting the mark in such subject.
What is effective method?
First you should understood the syllabi and also know which area is more relevant and which is not, where to give more focus, You can get all such information’s from scanners and suggested answers. Do focus with syllabi. Because the syllabi stand as light house.
Buy the best and good books available in the market and keep your materials as reference book.Dont get back of any shortcut notes, if you go search of such notes one thing is sure it is spoiling your creativity. The books should be with you before start studies.
Carrying the bulky tasks.
Both groups is not tough but it needs time. some time both groups may lead to non perfection.
But perfection to exam is very critical. Study single or both groups as per the right study method as discussed above is needed for getting the CA. If you manage both group as above method then go ahead.
Plan for write both groups
So if you want to write both groups then if you have 12 month period you can get an average of 2 month per subject.
Plan well, it is the major thing. Take 5 month for group one and another 5 month for group two, the leave 2 month for revision.
If you feel both groups are okay then go ahead, if you found difficulties with any papers don’t waste the time further to that during the last months keep focused on single group that you feel more convenient.
During the last 2 month you have to cover the syllabi at two times for the exam.
So please conscious be courage’s and go ahead for the coming may and the November exam.

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