Friday, January 22, 2010

Simple guide to CA student to follow

Every Ca student have desire to succeed in the exam. The magnitude of the desire is different from the different person.
The attitude plays important role. Our attitude shall be very positive.
Once we enter the course, we should have a clear cut action plan. First is our plan and approaches to study. The course is different nature from your graduate courses, so, it requires different approaches .
The study process shall be systematic and effective .
What is systematic study is converting your data into the Long term memory. Effective stand for understanding the concepts and logic in your way. For retaining things in to the brain you have to revise periodically.
Planning is the foundation for success. If you planning to write both groups subdivide the syllabi in daily and routine manner and execute it, but there should be buffer or margin for revision. Problem paper shall be based on particular concepts and logic…. Both concepts and logics are complemantary.
Undersatnd the concepts first, that is the foundation. After that understand the logic behind the problems and document this logic behind the problems in a note book. For example Marginal cost is the additional cost for producing the additional unit of output but …….this is concepts but what is the logic for finding marginal cost is dividing the total cost in to Fixed and variable cost and deducting these two costs to find the profit.
Theories papers never mug up rather understand the logic behind it. Only understanding the logic you can found the study is very interesting and able to hold whatever you have studied in to permanently.
If you found weak in a particular paper, then find more time for that paper and identify the solution, why this paper causing the headache to you. Eighter go coaching or study own your own. We have to find great time for correcting the weakness and problems.
Our mind shall be moulded for achieving extra………..think for extra do for extra …………Try your level best for 6 month , you can succeed. In sleep and breath you have the target of success in the exam. Always think how you can perform better than present.
Success is an end result, but for that there is many process and failure.
Once you failed and understand the mistake and trying different route and can succeed. One example I can give… My one friend was written 4 times both group and failed four times for aggregates then changed the strategy to write in to single group and then got succeed.(Iam not against for both group… it is just an example) travel different way when you facing failure. Eighter you should follow the winners what they are doing or do reverse what the failures are doing. Some never understand their reason for failure and blaming institute or others for their mistakes, they failing always but each time they have wonderful reason for their failure.
So be positive and study hard for your coming June and December Exam.
All the best

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