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CS Executive: Exam Preparation Tips for GCL_Group-I By Ankur Garg

Dear Friends,
I would like to dedicate this brief write up to the CS Executive students which is about how to perform well and score in the General and Commercial Law (GCL) subject of CS Executive course.
First we have to understand that General and Commercial Law (GCL) is a very scoring subject compare to the other subjects of CS, provided we know the exam pattern. If you use your working knowledge of General and Commercial Law (GCL) Acts which you have gained from ICSI study material with good writing skills than you can score around 70  marks in General and Commercial Law (GCL) which is very good to ensure more than 50 % aggregate marks.
Kindly note – only working knowledge is enough in General and Commercial Law (GCL) with certain other facts. Reason being the acts which are there in the General and Commercial Law (GCL) Course have no such application in your professional working if you are working purely as a Company Secretary.
General and Commercial Law (GCL) is a practical (theory based and not numerical based) paper which needs a good presentation skills. As per my suggestion use ICSI guidelines for previous 5 years to understand the method of solving practical queries. One more thing these practical queries takes very little time in exam provided you are well aware of the technique to deal with them. This is a very important point for time saving.
Another important fact is that the ICSI repeatedly asked the same practical queries so in this way completion of scanner is very very important in General and Commercial Law (GCL). Use Scanner from the very beginning. It helps you to recognize which chapter is to be given preference. Prepare a list of Chapter wise frequently asked questions from the Scanner and prepare them properly.
Another useful aspect of practical queries is that sometimes they also help you to understand the theory written in study material. In other words you may use the practical queries as an example to understand the theory written in study material. Isa kehta hain ek teer do shikar. I am sure that this suggestion would be of some help.
Regarding chapters I’d like to say that start your preparation from the small chapters (page number wise). Refer the scanner at the same time to understand the scheme and importance of chapter. As per my understanding main advantage of starting with short chapters is that this trick will help you to settle your mind with technical and legal language of General and Commercial Law (GCL).   
In General and Commercial Law (GCL) you have to deal with objective questions which requires through knowledge of the subject. So keeping in view this requirement we may conclude that importance of study material cannot be denied. To deal with objective or multiple choice questions true knowledge of topic is must and which can be achieved by referring to the study material.

Treat the chapters of Cr. P.C. and C.P.C. as most interesting and knowledgeable chapters as you are going to learn about the civil and criminal law of the country. Attach a different attitude with different chapters as it’ll help you to develop an interest towards the chapter.
Make special notes for the chapter constitution of India and grab this chapter fully as this one is the most important one. Discuss some technical chapters like Indian Evidence Act with your friend for better understanding. For conventional list of important chapters use Scanner.
1. In practical problems never start your answer with Yes or No unless you are 100% sure. First mention the relevant provision and show/prove through your answer how you draw the conclusion.
One more thing if by chance you are familiar with the question (previously asked in exam) or you know the answer then start your answer with Yes or No with full confidence and prove the same with the help of analysis of provision.
2. Try and always mention the relevant section along with the provision. However, if you are not sure then avoid it.
3. Always use case laws in the exam. Prepare a special case law file especially for the preparation of the chapter constitution of India. Learn all the case laws given in this chapter.
4. During your preparation try and study everything. Everything here means each and every topic. The basic idea behind this point is that you must have something relevant to write about the given topic.
5. Try and make an effort to complete your paper 100%. In other words attempt full paper of 100 marks. You may cut the length of your answer in the end as per the availability of time.
For my ATLAS STUDY METHOD and other tips you are requested to refer my Exam Tips available at the link mentioned below:


Seema Arora said...

hey Ankur I am about to pursue cs executive course as I will be exempted from foundation course being a graduate....I am seeking good notes or study material in this regard even though I have not registered myself for examination bcoz being a non commerce graduate I want to first brush up myself for this course before registering into it. Can you tell me whether account notes on under cpt level is good to start having some account related knowledge and is it same as in cs foundation course financial accounting subject? And same is my query regarding business law and business communication notes on website...thanx in advance and waiting for ur reply...

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sonu said...

sir my self vishal kr and i want to take do cs and to also about all the problm which was held at the time of studying cs. i want to talk to u plzz send me ur no or contact me with any purpose...

sonu said...

sir i want to talk to u ..i want to contact with u

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