Thursday, July 8, 2010

Simple Exam Preparation Tips....By Ankur Garg

Simple Exam Preparation Tips
1. Figure out your mistake committed in the previous Examination and
promise yourself to avoid them in your next exam.
2. Focus on your Study and Goal.
3. Try and complete your Scanner with the help of suggested answers
of previous examinations.
4. Plan your revision schedule as early as possible and follow the same
honestly and keep reviewing it and make necessary changes as and
when necessary.
5. Invest your time in Exam oriented discussion. There are two
advantage of this activity:
i. You may discuss your problems in such discussions and resolve
ii. These discussions will also help you to focus on your goal.
6. Work out on your presentation skills. You may post your query
regarding presentation skills. Also check my Article on presentation
7. In examination hall length of answer plays an important role due to
time factor. Regarding this you may take reference from suggested
answers provided by ICAI.
8. Mental strength is very important. So prepare yourself mentally and
physically for Examination cum War.

9. Use the catchline – “CA ko niptana hai”. CA bola to Chartered
Accountancy Course and not your boss where you are doing your
Article ship. Ha Ha Ha.
10.Very Important Revision Tips: What you prepare on Monday try and
recall it on Tuesday without using books. If you are able to recall
60%-70%, then you are 100% going to succeed in this examination.
Again try to recall the same after the gap of 2-3 days.
11.Use abbreviation method. If you have 10 points to remember in a
question give them a certain abbreviation and remember that
abbreviation. See the example below:
In section 293 of Companies Act, 1956 there are 5 clauses from (a) to
(e). My abbreviation to remember these 5 clauses is “SRIBC”.
S=Sell/R=Remit/I=Invest/B=Borrow/C=Contribute. Have a look at
Section-293 and verify yourself.
12.Stay away from Time wasting and unproductive habits. At least
during exam times.
13.Prepare a list of questions which you consider tuff or a bit time
consuming. Prepare a handout yourself with solution of these
questions and give them a reading on regularly basis with a time gap
of 2-3 days.
14.Prepare a list of frequently asked questions with the help of Scanner
and practice them properly.
15.Give a little bit time to every subject per day.
16.Try and increase your study time day by day.
17.After 25 October do not add any new topic in your schedule. Just
focus on revision-revision and revision.

18.Stop collecting different notes per day. Try and figure out the notes
which are relevant for you and support your style of study. Only use
them for exam purpose.
19.Take very good care of your health. Consider your health as a subject.
Remember if you fail to perform well in this subject you are going to
20.Last but not the least believe in yourself and your hard work and
most importantly believe in God.
Best Regards
Ankur Garg


uma said...

Nice tips.


Exam Special said...

Hi, Thanks for you very informative blog. I am a C.A. final student and found your blog very inspirational. Please keep updating your blog with exam preparation tips...

Thanks againg...

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