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How to start preparing for IPCC/PCC Nov-2010 By AYUSH AGRAWAL




 Dear All PCC/IPCC/PE-II Students,

This is the End of Searching Article of Which You are Waiting.
During My Last Three Years Experience in Caclubindia.Many Students Who Passed CPT or Who are Going to Write Their Exam of PCC/IPCC In Upcoming Months.Ask How To Prepare For Exams.
Some Questions -  Common One Which are Asked by Almost.
1) how many hours to study daily?

2)which subjects consume more time and which less?

3)which are theoretical subjects and which r practical? what different treatment they deserve?

4)Do we need to practice some subjects regularly?

5) Iam giving both groups together and determined to study for 5 hrs daily other than class-hours.

How to study?

 General Guidelines: 
Ø      For every subject you should prefer Compilation of PEII and study from them considering your syllabus.
Ø      Start your study from your favorite subject.
Ø      Always prepare your own short but sweet notes.
Ø      Use markers, scatch pens, colour pens to make your notes attractive.
Ø      Be habitual of referring Dictionary.
Ø      Always prepare time table. Follow it strictly.
Ø      If you could not succeed in implementing your time table then try to make short time table i.e. weekly or even one day time table.
Ø      If you do not digest two subjects or more, then study only one subject a day.
Ø      Always maintain balance between your class study and self study.
Ø      Always complete your homewok/assigment on the same day.
Ø      Have a group discussion with your friends.
Ø      Use your short but sweet notes for revision purpose.
Ø      Always update your notes.
Ø      Do not read anything new before 1 or some days of exam or avoid them.

It is not important how much time you study but how much u grasp and understand.
Ø      But at least 1/2 hours should be given in presence of your mind and "soul”, otherwise it will  make a "whole" in your ship boating on a river.
Ø      Be Positive, innovative and honorable with ur study Always believe that "I can".

What are theoretical and practical subjects?

v     Theorotical:-Audit,Law,information tech.-SM(Here InfoTech takes max time)

v     Practical:- Accontancy,Income Tax and costing,FM
How to prepare? What to read? How to revise? What are the keys of success?

Ø      Always prefer compilations of PEII, suggested Answers of PCC (Already  available), IPCC(Now it will be available).Without these you may not get exemption marks(at least 60).
Ø      Never avoid Accounting Standards(read it from V.K.Agarwal's book).
Ø      Some previous questions are expected to be repeated.

Ø      It is the easiest subject as my own experience. Firstly study deeply all Standards on Auditing (SAs). Then refer your compilation of PE2.Then u should refer your study material. Grasp from study material what is not asked yet. Always mention relevant SAs, ASs, sections and case laws.


How to study part-2

v      Write your every theoretical paper in Point (Number wise) forms and not in Para forms.
v      Remember Knowledge of Audit=Knowledge of (Account-ASs, Law- Various Acts and sections, SAs and so on)

Ø      How to prepare for LAW
It takes some time at the initial time. Grasp the definitions, case laws and various sections.
Ø      Be habitual of mentioning the same (sections and case laws) in your answer paper.
Ø      Prepare a list of important sections.
Ø      Remember it and be revise it. Use some logic on sections, case laws etc.
Ø      If you read compilation you will find that many questions are repeated.
Ø      Never avoid communication and ethics parts if any attached with law.

Ø      Income tax/Service Tax/VAT
Two books are generally preferred by the students.
Ø      VK singhania and TN Manoharan.See here which Assessment year is relevant for the relevant exam,upto which date updates are required.
Ø      In this subject VAT and service tax is easy comparatively to income tax.
Ø      So study and write the same part in your exam at very first.
Ø      Be aware before selecting an alternative.
Ø      Firstly read the whole question then select the alternatives.

Ø      Costing:-
It needs more and more logic.
Ø      Where logic ends CA costing starts. SO be logician and innovative man for making command over this subject.
Ø      you must solve many and many practical examples from compilation.
Ø      Some theory part is important here.

Financial Management.
Ø      It is combination of theory and practical part.


Ø      It takes max. time for preparation.
Ø      as CA students are not direcly related with theory part of computer.
Ø      Many students do not like it and hence get failed.
Ø      Remember definitions, focus on flow chart and other important theory part.
Ø      Use module here. For PCC you should refer compilation after completing module.
Always Use internet
SM.(stratagic Management)

Ø      It the theoretical part. Focus on practical case laws.
Be Electronically connected and updated

Always read CA students journal. Here president, chairman etc give tips for study,recent changes etc.
With Warm Regards,
Ayush Agrawal



Thanks Sir For Being Posting My Article on Your Prestigious Site !!!!!

As U Have Asked About Any Objection..
I Think Instead of Objection.....Its My Pleasure That U Have Posted Here.

Ayush agrawal

CA Vivek M ACA said...

We are expecting more post from your side

rajlakshmi said...

hello sir!!! i want to prepare for CA. Can you please guide me , where to apply? and how to apply?

Dr. Namrata

rajlakshmi said...

hello sir!!
i want to prepare for CA, can you please guide me, how to prepare and where to apply for level 1 exam?

Dr. Namrata

gazini said...

Hello every1, m baban here, pls jus guede me regarding ipcc, is it possible to pss ipcc's both the groups together

Vivekanand3435 said...

Hi Aayush,

One of my friend want to start CA preparation in bangalore n want to join YEHSAAS ACADEMY ,but the problem is that he is from hindi background so he is not sure whether he will be able to pick with other guys in coaching institute where everything will be taught in English.

So can you please give your advice about best way for him to start CA preparation.

p.suman rao said...

thank u sir ,ur suggestion are really helping me.

divya singal said...

sir..ek tym table bhi aap hi bana k de dijiye ..hum jaise nalayak ipcc students k liye ...m waiting 4 result in august ....but want to start prepare as eagerly as possible....n sir which books to be reffred 4 costing fm ..for self study ??

CA Vivek M ACA said...

Please tell me your requirement so that there is no difficulties in preparation of time tables

priyanka said...

i want to know that is it CA journal student helps more in prepartion of ipcc eaxms , from where i can get this journal & should i prefer more books than module. if so so plz recommand me.
priyanka beniwal

CA Vivek M ACA said...

Student Journal will help you to update. Better stick on one Book whether it is Module or it is your reference Book....

Sarath said...

I am an IPCC student taking my 1st attempt in May'12. I am facing some problems on how much hours to study per day and how to prepare for both the groups.

1) The very 1st problem is that i am working as a paid assistant in a CA firm and going for IPCC classes in ICAI simultaneously.

2) My class timing is 6.30 am to 9.30 am and 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm during the weekdays and 7.00 am to 5.00 pm on sundays. And i attend my office from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm. Please suggest me at what time i can study and how to study.
3) I really can't quit my job due to some personal circumstances.
4) I am sure to get 3 months leave for my exams.
5) Now I am just studying 2-4 hours daily in which I can only work out the sums that are taught in the class.
6) The faculties teach selective set of sums which are from previous question papers, i hope.

kavyasruthi said...

sir i recently completd my cpt xam and secured 130 marks. can u plz guide me whether 2 opt 4 both d groups at a tym or single group which would b a better choice ?

Anonymous said...

sir, i am an ipcc student taking my 1st attempt in nov'12 recently completed my ctp and secured 130 marks i am in a confusion either to attempt both the groups at once or to attempt single group at a time would you plz suggest me what is preferrable?

Anonymous said...

piece of crap

jassi said...

hello sir...
am giving my ipcc attempt in this may'12....just one month left for the preparation and am damn scared about the exam as my preparation is not going upto the not able to cover all the chapters as per my time table...please help me out sir....i want to clear this exam....plz help!!!
thanks in advance

jassi said...

hello sir...
am giving my ipcc attempt in may'12....and am damn scared about the exams as my preparation is not going upto th mark...just one more month left for the not able to cover all the chapters of a subject according to my time table...please give me some tips sir...i want to clear this exam...please help me out sir...

Sri Ranjini said...

Hello Sir,
I have planned to write both groups of IPCC but i haven't started to prepare. will i be able to write both groups if i follow the guideliness given by you sir
Please help me out by your advice sir

soundarya soundhu said...

im nt interested regarding theory subjects this is my problem how to overcome it?and i cleared 1st grp because mostly all the subjects are problematic and i should clear my grp 2 also bt i fear a lot open theory subject books wat to do sir

Is CA I P C C Result will be Favourable

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