Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sucess must come please read it

y dear friends,
The difference between success and failure is only one step and the difference between sorrows and happy is one moment.
Once you fail you need to think that you are just one step behind .Failure is the stepping stone to the success and try to think about the stepping stone of success.
Some were fails and then success but some others were succed without failure. Why did you failed? How can you succed in the exam. Please go through the following useful point.
You may be did some of the mistake.
1.   Procrastination (leaving all the matter for tomorrow).
If you have such behavior, it is directly with your goal.
You want to be CA in your mind but you are not willing to sacrifice your comfort zone. Such type students can be changed by making them convince about the difficulties of the CA course.
Once you challenged then you may be work hard. Be challenge and awake arise and achieve this diamond in your life.
2.   Confidence (Over and under confidence)
Both over and under confidence are too dangerous.
This is due to ignorance about your strength and weakness.
Main reason for under confidence is bias and prejudice such as CA course is difficult and I can’t get through.
(You can also crack the course give such input to the brain. Second rise according to the opportunity at your disposal. You need to rise to the level of a professional course)
The main reason for over confidence is ignorance about the course as well as your strength and weakness.
Your mind may set a false message that you can crack the exam.
 May ignore your mistakes that you commit after completing the exam may come to know the fact that you had committed the mistake.
Such type of students will always set an un achievable target for them and fails.
But if you have right confidence then you will set the right and you will succeed the exam.
3.   Lack of systematic studies
We are here in a professional course. Some students were doing a good level of hard work.
But once their result will declare they will ask the question to their self I had studies all the area well but failed!
You may be prepared well but not presented well in the exam. Better presentation will inturn depends upon your basic level of studies.
a)   You must have a good conceptual clarity while reading. Go to the grass route level. Be sound in basic whether for theory or for problems
b)   You must have a habit of making good notes of what you had understood from your plain reading of theory.
c)   The notes must contain the main point. But once you read , it can lead to what you had understood.
d)   You must have the habit of periodic revision. Revision preferably have once in a week and once in a month after your first round of studies. Use the notes, it will faster your revision process also.
e)   You must have a habit of following a good reference book for all the subject along with ICAI material, scanners , suggested answer.
f)    You must be updated about the latest amendment and changes. Definitely there must be questions from the latest chage.
g)   You must write in the exam with relevant point along with good subject and sub heading (wherever necessary) and a good numbering system. Stop writing essay type answer in the exam. If you did so, examiner need to wander for the relevant point.
All the best
Vivek M


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